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Camping and RVing in Yellowstone

If camping or RVing in Yellowstone National Park is not on your Bucket List, you need a new bucket master. Yellowstone, the nations’ first national park, which Congress established into law on March 1, 1872, is one of the country’s most visited natural attractions, even with its isolated location in the northwestern corner of Wyoming. Yellowstone

On Hiking in Winter…

Winter is a great time for hiking. While winter hiking was not a favorite activity of mine when living in the Midwest, once we moved to the Southwest, winter weather just can’t keep me indoors.  In fact, at least once or twice every week my husband and I find ourselves headed out for a hike.

2014 Camping Goals

As some of you know, my family and I have a tradition that we engage in each New Years Eve in which each family member lists her/his accomplishments over the past year (a taking stock as it were) and then sets a number of goals for the New Year. For the past few years, I