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More Campers Stay Connected

Tablets, smartphones, and other devices are becoming popular at campgrounds across the U.S. Scanning smartphones, tablets, and laptops is as much a part of vacations as slathering on sunscreen, according to a Michigan State University study. The results, which will appear in the forthcoming issue of Annals of Tourism Research, show that easy online access…

Hilton of RV Parks

The same guy who helped to bring the NBA to Memphis is now driven to shake up the RV Park and campground industry with his fledgling enterprise, RVC Outdoor Destinations. [caption id=”attachment_12611″ align=”alignleft” width=”250″ caption=”RVC Outdoor Destinations' Catherine's Landing park in Hot Springs includes restrooms, showers, a lodge with Wii, laundry room, and wireless Internet.…

Staying Connected

While I do not have any statistics to support this, based on what I see offered by the majority of the campgrounds, my assumption is that most campers are looking for an opportunity to get away from things.  The goal of these people is to get closer to nature for outdoor-type activities.  The only reason…