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Conquering a Demon–Part 2

In my last post (see January  19, 2014) I was sharing an experience I enjoyed in early December 2013 after two miserable downhill skiing adventures. Deciding to face my demon, I undertook a Yellowbird Group Ski Lesson at the Taos Ski Valley. My instructor, Karen, was not only competent and professional, but she was nurturing

Conquering a Demon–Part 1

On a snowy day in early December I decided to face my demons, well, one of them anyway. Since we moved to a downhill skiing Mecca nearly two years ago, I have been terrified of the sport. I begrudgingly went skiing with my husband and two of my children the Friday after Thanksgiving the past

Y’all Come! To The Big Barn Dance!

Every year, the first September weekend after Labor Day means something special to  fans of country music: The Big Barn Dance! For the past 11 years, Michael Hearne, musician and recording artist, organizes a musical extravaganza in northern New Mexico with fifty or so of his closest friends. This past weekend, September 5, 6 and