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Boondocking in desert washes: Are you asking for trouble?

Many RVers would rather surf in a tsunami than camp in a desert wash, assuming both would yield the same results–tumbling tush over teacup in a roiling maelstrom flash flood of boulders, trees, and mangled RVs. Many real-life stories circulate about hikers being washed away in flash floods, suddenly overtaken by a roaring freight train

Fresh VIDEO from RVIA!

from LongLongHoneymoon.com Recently we hauled our Airstream to RVIA, the annual industry convention in Louisville, Kentucky. We found ourselves “camping” in freezing weather upon an enormous slab of asphalt. Oddly, this is much more fun than it sounds. I’m happy to report that Airstreams are quite comfortable in sub-freezing weather, provided one’s heat furnace is

RV Weather Stations – Weather Junkies Rejoice!

It’s a fine line between observing severe weather and staying away from it. As an RVer, you can experience all kinds of weather situations. Knowing ahead of time what the weather will be during your travels and at your destination is usually easy information to come by. But if you are traveling to a remote