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Ancient Desert Water Hole: Montezuma Well

Montezuma Well is a detached unit of Montezuma Castle National Monument located approximately 11 miles north of the park. It’s not actually a well and has nothing to do with Montezuma but being wrongly named doesn’t detract at all from its serene beauty. It’s NOT a well and Montezuma was never…

Crooked Water: Tuzigoot National Monument

For thousands of years, Verde Valley has been a human melting pot. Hunters and gatherers came first, searching for wild game and grasses. Traders followed, digging salt and minerals, and then settlers farming the fertile bottomlands. [caption id=”attachment_15704″ align=”alignleft” width=”335″ caption=”Built by the Sinagua about the year 1000, Tuzigoot sits on a ridge high above…

Prescott: Everybody’s Home Town

A little farther afield, but still an easy day trip from Verde Valley is Prescott—the former territorial capital of Arizona. Nestled in a stunning mountain bowl and surrounded by one of the largest ponderosa pine forests in the West, this beautiful town is steeped in history with an authentic taste of western heritage. [caption id=”attachment_12095″ align=”alignleft”…