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RV Halloween Haunts: 3 Spooky Arizona Ghost Towns

RV Halloween haunts — 3 spooky Arizona ghost towns. There are two kinds of ghost towns: those populated by (some) humans and those populated only by ghosts. But we humans like company, and when there are no other living inhabitants around, that leaves only the non-living population — which can be a little creepy if

Tucson’s Only Downtown RV Park Welcomes You!

Welcome to Tucson’s newest RV park! At Sentinel Peak RV Park, you and your family can experience the best Tucson, Arizona, has to offer. More than 300 restaurants, shops and attractions are within three minutes of the park, providing you unmatched access to arts, culture and entertainment for your stay. Explore Tucson via light rail right from our park

Protecting Your Pets Against Rattlesnakes

It’s critical that we educate ourselves on the best ways to protect pets against rattlesnakes. These venomous reptiles live across the North American continent, with the highest concentrations in the Southwest. A few preventative steps go a long way in avoiding potential disaster. A rattlesnake bite can be lethal to a small mammal like a dog. To make matters worse,