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What Will Solar Panels Power in My RV?

By James Mannett, CEA Solar Solar power for your RV depends on many factors: number of batteries, types of appliances, duration of use, presence and size of the inverter, and, or course, your budget. While solar panels won’t power everything on your RV, most items can be powered, either partially or entirely, by solar—with careful

Solar Powered Fridgerators

By James Mannett Propane fridge fires in RV’s combined with a demand for more fridge space is driving more new RV buyers to purchase the ‘Household Fridge‘ option.  Tiffin motorhomes reports the household fridge option to be the most popular.  But, what happens when boondocking for extended periods? And, if solar power is to be

Strike a Balance with Solar — RV Upgrades

By James Mannett Most any household appliance can be powered from an RV battery bank, and an RV solar system can be designed to produce enough energy to replace what is consumed during a typical day. The trick is to strike a balance between the size of the solar system necessary to satisfy the daily