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Budgeting For An RV

Purchasing a recreational vehicle can be an exciting experience, but it can also be an overwhelming one. Purchasing an RV is a far more complicated process than buying a car. You owe it to yourself to become well informed before jumping in. Uninformed RV consumers are likely to make unwise financial choices. Create a budget

Top 10 Things Every RVer Should Know about Full-Timing

The large and well-equipped recreational vehicles now available to consumers can be quite luxurious. You may have been tempted by the idea of living like a nomad and taking to the road full-time. Traveling in an RV can save you money that would otherwise be spent on mortgages, home repairs, home owner’s association fees, and yard

RV Insurance Claims: Driver Inexperience & Forgetfulness

First party insurance claims involving recreational vehicles can often be traced to driver inexperience and forgetfulness. The majority of claims occur within the first 90 days of ownership or at the beginning of the season, according to International Insurance Group, Inc., an independent Arizona RV insurance agency. “This is due to the nuances and size