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RV Camping with a Purpose

Getting into the Good Samaritan spirit in western Manitoba The Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Good Sam organization connects seven chapters that get a kick out of RV camping. These Good Sam groups bring together friendly RVers who not only have fun together, they look out for one other, both on the highway and in the campground. In…

Maine Springs into Summer

The Good Samaritan Spirit is alive and well in the Pine Tree State When Maine’s winter releases its icy grip, folks love to kick off the transition to summer by going to RV shows. Many look forward to seeing their Good Sam friends there, and this year they received a double dose of smiles as…

Driving the Extra Mile to Help

When it comes to the Good Sam spirit, not even a lightning strike can deter members from doing good deeds. Instead, it spurs them to action. That’s the case when lightning disabled the truck and fifth-wheel trailer of Oklahoma members John and Rose Miller as they traveled home from a Good Sam event in Texas.…