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Learning more about Canada at the Museum of Civilization

As part of our recent visit to the Museum of Civilization, we have also explored part of the historical and cultural exhibition on the First Peoples Hall.   The museum highlights various parts of the history of Canada and it’s always nice to go see artifacts up close and personal while visiting. The First Peoples Hall…

Discoveries at the Canadian Children’s Museum

Last week, I presented to you a special exhibit currently going on at the Canadian Children’s Museum located inside the Canadian Museum of Civilization.  Today, I want to present you the rest of the Canadian Children’s Museum – more specifically its permanent exhibitions. When the kids enter the magical world of the Children’s Museum, you…

Public Earth

While at “The Rally” in Albuquerque we ran into a new company called Public Earth. The site is in private beta mode. In order to access the site you’ll need to login with”therally@publicearth.com” as the login and password is “therally”. Looking for a great campground? PublicEarth has your favorite Trailer Life campgrounds and more. Hiking…