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Grand Canyon, Here We Come!

Sorry I have not been posting over the last couple of months.   Our lives have been extremely busy, and it seems winter finds us keeping to ourselves more. After that, we head back home, where will undoubtedly start talking about our “big” trip for the following year.  We have about a month and a half

Top Five Intriguing Destinations

When RVers hit the road, many head to the homes of faraway relatives or visit world-famous theme parks and sightseeing attractions. Here are five intriguing destinations that you may not have considered. 5. Visit the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota, where murals are created annually from ears of corn attached to the exterior of

Hey Ranger! "Wacky Question of the Week"

National and state parks are wonderful places to learn about the Great Outdoors, so the following examples of wacky questions asked of park rangers are offered in the spirit of fun. If you’re curious about something during your visit to a park, I hope you’ll have a chance to ask a ranger. Just take a