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Awesome Good Sam Parks for October

Beat a retreat to these fabulous Good Sam Parks in sunny states. Cal-Am Resorts Cal-Am Resorts are places where luxury, excitement and fun are just around the corner. Cal-Am is the leading name in Arizona RV Resorts and maintains a high level of quality for guests. If you’re looking for excitement, entertainment and activities, then

Bittersweet Moment

This past week-end, my six year old son Jérémy came to me while I was working in my office to ask me a question… Mommy, when are we going to go to the RV? I lift my eyes on what I was doing and saw him standing near the entrance of my office at home,

End of the Summer? Maybe! End of Camping? NOT!

To many, many people this weekend seems to be the end of the camping season. When I was a kid, this weekend was the end of summer and freedom. After all summer of running around mainly barefoot, leaving the house in the morning and not having to come back until the streetlights came on (except