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Camping – a Gateway to the Outdoors

If I say the word camping to you what is the first thing that will come to mind?   For some of you it could be outdoors because like it or not when you are camping you will be definitively in the nature – unless you are camping in your backyard that is but then you

Join the Christmas Bird Count

With their binoculars, scopes, and gazes turned to the skies, birdwatchers are often far easier to spot than the feathered friends they search for. Birds have a unique ability to inspire and delight us. They connect us with nature, with the passage of seasons, and with each other. Birding is one of the most popular

Binoculars – 3 Value Models at the Top of Their Class

There is a lot to see when you go camping, particularly in the early morning and evening when much of the wildlife is out-and-about (but the people aren’t!). A good set of binoculars can enhance your wildlife viewing experience and these three models from Weaver®, Minox® and Vortex® are all great binoculars, even though they