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Dog Walking Wisdom: Precautions Before Hitting the Trail

Heed this dog walking wisdom… Like their human counterparts, dogs are eager to explore their new surroundings once the RV has reached its destination. But before putting the leash on your four-legged friend and hitting the trail, consider the following tips: The right leash for dog walking Prior to taking the first steps on the walk, make sure

Fall in Love with Cross Creek Camping Resort!

Fall is the perfect time for camping at Cross Creek Camping Resort! The weather is cool; perfect for a campfire and making S’mores! Our Fall and Halloween themed weekends make for fun-filled activities for the entire family. Hiking the beautiful wooded trails allows visitors to see the many changing colors Ohio trees have to offer. Thanks

Mark My Words: August – RV Maintenance and Modification

Hi Folks This month we’ll field some general RV maintenance and modification questions. Remember to send your RVing questions to mmw@escapees.com. —————————————– Mark, When emptying my black and gray tanks the meter will read empty. However, when adding sanitizer and a gallon of water to the black the meter will read full. I know that it