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Keeping Chassis Batteries Charged

Check out this inspired solution from an experienced RVer: I keep our motorhome plugged in when it’s not being used so the three-stage inverter/charger can maintain the house batteries charge. This works fine, but when I cover the coach, the solar panel for charging the chassis batteries doesn’t work very well. To fix this problem,

Power to the people: Upgrade options for your electrical system

By Bob Difley In last week’s post, How to get the most out of your electrical system when camping without hookups, http://blog.rv.net/2013/05/how-to-get-the-most-out-of-your-electrical-system-when-camping-without-hookups/ I wrote getting started dry-camping or boondocking and how to conserve the electricity in your house batteries to add time to your camping trip before having to recharge. Today we will look at

How these wandering technology nomads could change your concepts of electricity

By Bob Difley Things change, in fact they have changed a lot–especially in the technological products available for RVers–since I first started RVing more than 40 years ago. I struggled in my early days of RVing with keeping my batteries charged, the annoying drone of what at the time seemed to be the endless running