Category: Safety on the Road

RV Driving Is Getting a Lot Smarter

When most of us aging folks were young, we had to learn many new skills in order to operate automobiles, boats, aircraft and other mobile equipment. Who can forget the first few times we drove a clutch-equipped car or truck? Getting the quick coordination of releasing the brake, applying power and releasing the clutch on a steep incline

Importance of the Pre-Trip Walkaround

There are many things that must be done when breaking camp with your trailer or motorhome. Often, a checklist is followed to assure that each item has been readied and checked before hitting the road. Generally, the last item to be completed is a full walk around. This involves the driver walking entirely around the vehicle

RV Weight Watching

Do you know the weight and height of your RV? How about the weight of your tow vehicle? Have you considered the problems that could be associated with overweight driving? Here are some weight concerns to consider: Weight limits on your RV are legally enforceable. Your personal safety may be jeopardized if your RV is overloaded.