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A Pressure Cooking Plus

With 11 functions, the 4-Quart Fagor Lux Multi-Cooker is the perfect compact electric appliance for longer RV travels. Imagine one appliance that offers settings for preparing white rice, brown rice, risotto or yogurt—at the touch of a button. Then add pressure-cook, slow-cook, brown, sauté, simmer and keep-warm settings! I recently found this gem of an appliance

Brrrrr! Getting to Know Your RV Heating System

Trailers and motorhomes are built to be comfortable, even when the temperatures drop. This extends the camping calendar and allows people to enjoy the quieter off-season campground atmosphere. Also, this can result in more availability and reduced prices. So let’s look at just what keeps the living quarters at a comfortable temperature during those cold

How Many TV’s Do You Need In A Motorhome?

With large class A motor coaches today, bigger always appears better, as is more. Nothing mirrors this more than the televisions that can be found on most. One, or possibly two CRT TV’s were in demand fifteen or twenty years ago. Usually a 19” to 26” in the living room, with a 17” or so

What I Learned From Driving My RV to 49 States in 2014

9 Things I Learned About Life, Marriage and Sewer Hoses

In the past year, my wife and I drove our 1994 coachmen RV to 49 out of 50 states. Being a younger RVer at 23, I had a lot to learn about full-time living in a motorhome. Most of the lessons came in the form of minor setbacks (like our rig being struck by lightning in