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Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: Benefits and Liabilities of RV Consignment and God Is in Charge of Timing

October 9, 2011 by · 5 Comments 

There’s a reason I named my blog, “Saga of an RV Rookie… ” rookie being the operative term; as in, every single thing we do related to RVing is for the first time, including figuring out the right time to go full-time. At this point, I’m inclined to say something about RV virgins, but I probably should desist and move on to the overwhelmingly fascinating world of RV consignments; but more important than that, I’ll address how God reminds us He is in charge of the plans. Now, just so you know, you are number one on my mind when I write for Woodall’s. I always want to bring a benefit to you, so you think it’s worth your time to read what I have to say. I try to share something I’ve learned, bought, or experienced that will help you in some way. In this case, I’d like to share what I’ve learned about the thrills and joys of RV consignment. Here we go: They say (whoever they are) that most people get 3 RVs before they get the “right one.” It turns out... [Read more...]

why we chose a toy hauler…

September 23, 2011 by · 3 Comments 

why we chose a toy hauler…

Toy haulers are popular with those rvers who enjoy getting out with their ‘toys’ – toys like quads, dirt bikes, and razors (even a golf cart here and there).  While we have a quad and a couple of dirt bikes, we store them while we are on the road, and they don’t come along with us.  But a toy hauler is still our first choice of rv – we are hauling cargo, but our cargo is sleeping quarters!  With 11 kids, 9 or 10 who currently travel with us, there is just not another rv that will comfortably sleep us.  Well, an entertainer coach would, but the ones we like are ever so slightly out of our price range (about $400k out of our price range!) When we started out on our fulltiming ventures, we began in the bunkhouse pull behind that we had been camping in for the previous 4 years.  While it was perfect for our camping excursions, once we decided that a life on the road was for us, we did desire a bit more room than our 30′ travel trailer afforded. ... [Read more...]

Why My RV of Choice is Not an RV

September 22, 2011 by · 9 Comments 

Why My RV of Choice is Not an RV

The Revelations & Denials of a Happy Tent Camper… With an entire week devoted to our bloggers’ “RVs of Choice” I felt the need to represent tent campers just like me across North America, who faithfully read the Woodall’s Camping Blog enjoying posts about camp-cooking, unique things to do, and tips for not killing your kids on road trips.  See, there is a misnomer amongst RVers that tent campers are in a deeply jealous state of their luxurious RV accommodations, while in fact that often isn’t the case at all. (The truth is, is tent campers are only a little jealous, and slightly more so during winter months.) Our littlest camper in 2011 RVers and tent campers are cut out of the same cloth. In fact, how many of you RVers enjoyed tent camping for years before finally deciding that even the air mattress on the ground isn’t going to provide your grown-up bones with enough comfort to continue on in a tent?  At Woodall’s we enjoy reading the annual reader survey... [Read more...]

Looking For Fun with the Fun Finder

September 21, 2011 by · 10 Comments 

How did we select our current RV? Well, I’d like to report that we had unlimited funds and time to select nothing but the very best that satisfied our every whim and need. I’d like to tell you that, but it wouldn’t be true. Instead, I’ll tell you what is probably a common story. We had camped for many years while the kids were growing up. But, as time went on, life began to interfere. Promotions, transfers, tuition, mortgages; all added up to lots of responsibility and outgo; as opposed to income. We dreamed of an early retirement and an upgrade to a class A motorhome that we would tour the country with. Years went by and vacations became less frequent (After all, ambitious people don’t actually take vacations, do they?). After a while, any trips we took were of the hotel variety. Our dream had started to fade as I chased after the corporate brass ring. I’m not going to complain; at least not too much. I got to travel the world, staying in fine hotels and, in general, enjoying... [Read more...]

….. and, We Selected a Large Fifth Wheel (…and why!)

September 21, 2011 by · 5 Comments 

….. and, We Selected a Large Fifth Wheel (…and why!)

Our current RV is a fifth wheel, following a long list of previously owned travel trailers, motorhomes and folding tent trailers.  Truthfully, we enjoyed each and every one of them and have many fond memories of our travels and adventures in what ever we were pulling or driving. As Nancy and I matured (nice word for getting older :)), we began to value indoor space more than we had in our younger years.  Amenities like central air conditioning, larger holding tanks, opposing slide rooms, bigger refrigerators, additional counter and cabinet space, comfortable living area seating, spacious bath areas, and yes – even a central vacuum, washer/dryer and electric fireplace began to become more attractive.  Bottom line?  We wanted SPACE and residential amenities without a brick foundation!!  Of course, all of this comes at a “price” and fuel mileage towing a 15,000 pound fiver is not anything like Patti is getting with her Winnie (We “average” 10-12 mpg pulling with... [Read more...]

Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: Why Our 2006 Winnebago View Does It For Me: Can you say “22 MPG, boys and girls?”

September 21, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

Everybody has their favorite RV. But my favorite is Winnebago’s View for four specific ones: incredibly high gas mileage; superior engineering –mechanical ; non-ugly interior furnishings; and great re-sale value ( because used Winnebago Views are hard to come by and everyone loves them), unlike most other used RVs. First of all, perhaps you don’t believe that phenomenal gas mileage. Well, you had better believe it, because I documented our mileage maniacally all the way from Arizona to Montana…I mean documented like a fiend-woman obsessed. There was only one instance when the gas mileage dropped to a low of 18 mpg; that was a straight-up hill stretch that we ran the air conditioning non-stop to meet my princess-esque needs for complete comfort. That 18 mpg was the only exception to our fantastic 22 miles per gallon. Next, you must know that great gas mileage is a result of the View’s lovely engine . • It boasts a premium 2.7-liter CDI five cylinder turbo-diesel Mercedes Benz... [Read more...]

Which RV did we picked and Why we chose this one?

September 21, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Which RV did we picked and Why we chose this one?

As a member of the blogging team of Woodall’s, I have to blog about specific theme every once in a while. This week, we have to blog about our RV and why we have chosen this one in particular. Our Travel Trailer When we first started to look at RVs, we had a pop-up trailer. But we wanted more functionality while camping like a shower and bathroom for example. So every once in a while we looked at the RVs. We knew that we wanted the flexibility of travelling for our family. In 2007, after talking with a salesperson at an RV store in our city, we purchased a Jay Feather model 30U by Jayco. Why this one in particular? Because it is light and we can go on trips with the whole family. Back when we chose this model we had three kids and we thought that we might have another one – we loved the fact that there were two bunk beds in the back. There was an pull-out for extra room in the kitchen/living room area and there was a bathroom! Our RV when we picked it up back... [Read more...]

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