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The Importance of OEM Replacement Parts

Throughout the life of your RV, you can expect to have to deal with RV replacement parts. Some of what you must replace can be referred to as a consumable, an item that has a predetermined life, such as engine fluids, filters and tires, to name a few. Light bulbs, even though they have a less

RV Driving Is Getting a Lot Smarter

When most of us aging folks were young, we had to learn many new skills in order to operate automobiles, boats, aircraft and other mobile equipment. Who can forget the first few times we drove a clutch-equipped car or truck? Getting the quick coordination of releasing the brake, applying power and releasing the clutch on a steep incline

Class A Performance Specs for Buyers

When most people do research prior to buying a new vehicle, they generally compare the models they are interested in. For this evaluation, they probably should look at performance specs in the following areas. • Engine Horse Power and Torque • Acceleration Performance • Braking Distance from 60 mph • Fuel Economy • Number of Forward Gears