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Canyon Motel and RV Park Brings Route 66 History to Life

Northern Arizona park blends scenery and history

Canyon Motel and RV Park — a scenic glimpse of Northern Arizona’s past. The Canyon Motel & RV Park is a Historic Route 66 motor court that includes two 1929 caboose suites, large enough to sleep six, and a converted Pullman car that encompasses three rooms. All railway cars are comfortably equipped with bath, fridge, microwave

Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday in the Central Provinces

Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in the Central Provinces. Big city charms and jaw-dropping natural wonders thrill visitors to Canada’s Central Provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Where else can you witness the power of the world’s most famous waterfall (Niagara) and then tour the fourth largest city in North America (Toronto) in the space of a day?

Cross Canada’s Dynamic Eastern Border for its 150th

Cross Canada’s Dynamic Eastern Border for its 150th. See our ongoing coverage of Canada’s 150th birthday. One of the most spectacular crossings from U.S. to Canada is the Thousand Islands bridge, which spans a scenic 8.4 miles. Americans start the crossing in Alexandra Bay on the river’s southern, New York shore. The journey on the bridge encompasses four stunning

RVing to Colorado Ghost Towns

RV to Colorado ghost towns. Colorado claims to have over 1,500 ghost towns, though you will actually find only about 640. The rest have been reclaimed by nature, covered by mining tailings or flooded over from nearby reservoirs. Many are accessible with four-wheel-drive vehicles by long, rough dirt roads. However, many ghost towns are within reach