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RV Travel Soars as International Travel Declines

RV Travel Soars–and the sky’s the limit. Domestic holiday destinations seem to be the latest craze, or perhaps more correctly, what many believe to be the better alternative.The international travel climate is becoming much more uncertain. Conflicts throughout the world have left many with doubts. While airlines and overseas travel destination vacation sales are slumping,

Reviewing the Jeep Wrangler Toad

Rolling With a Jeep Wrangler Toad Many owners of a Class A coaches flat-tow vehicles behind their RVs. For this, they must choose a suitable “toad”: a vehicle that can be flat-towed (all 4 wheels on the road) without damaging the running gear. Unfortunately, not every vehicle is capable of this kind of transportation, so caution is advised. 

South Dakota’s Petrified Forest Preserves the Past

At South Dakota’s Petrified Forest of the Black Hills, a museum open since 1929 near Rapid City, the earth has preserved a cypress swamp 120 million years old. This was the time of dinosaurs—when the Black Hills didn’t exist and the entire area was a flat, tropical swamp (similar to the cypress swamps found now