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Mark, My Words – with Mark Nemeth, September 2014

September 15, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Hi, folks. This month we’ll talk about bearings, generators, long term parking, water heaters and tire problems. Remember, you can submit your RVing questions to Happy Trails! ————————————— Mark: How often should you repack your wheel bearings on a travel trailer? I am hearing once a year. Is this correct? I can do myself but was wondering is there a video or something that can walk a person through this, as taking it to an RV dealer is rather expensive yearly. Thanks, Nolan Hi, Nolan: If your trailer is only used a few weekends a year and is never submerged in water (like a boat trailer), you can probably go quite a bit longer than one year before you need to worry too much about repacking the bearings. If you travel extensively, the one-year interval is actually a good idea. Even if the bearings are fine, pulling the hub and drum allows you to inspect the brake components for wear. Repacking... [Read more...]

Boggy Creek Resort & RV Park: Lakeside Fun Near Orlando

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Boggy Creek Resort & RV Park: Lakeside Fun Near Orlando

Take a spin on an airboat or pay a visit to America’s favorite mouse during your stay at Boggy Creek Resort & RV Park, located on the tranquil shores of East Lake Tohopekaliga in Kissimmee, Florida. Situated amid oaks with Spanish moss and palm trees, the resort provides access to great boating and fishing on one of Florida’s most spectacular bodies of water. The RV park also is a relatively short drive from Orlando, home to world-class amusement parks like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios and Disney World. But Boggy Creek has more than just a great location. Once you enter the attractive property, you’ll discover beautiful landscaping, paved interior roads and paved full-hookup sites for every RVer. Pull-through sites are available for larger RVs, along with big VIP Class A Motor Coach sites. Didn’t bring an RV? Stay at one of the large cabins or VIP cabins. Guests can make themselves at home in the eight bathhouses, an Olympic-size swimming pool, laundry... [Read more...]

Mark My Words – Q & A with Mark Nemeth – April 2014: Mildew, Water Pressure, Screeching Inverters, Nitrogen, and Toilet Tanks

April 15, 2014 by · 1 Comment 

Mark My Words – Q & A with Mark Nemeth – April 2014: Mildew, Water Pressure, Screeching Inverters, Nitrogen, and Toilet Tanks

Hi, folks. This month we’ll talk about mildew, water pressure, screeching inverters, nitrogen, and toilet tanks. Remember, you can submit your RVing questions to Happy Trails! —————————————————– Hi, Mark, Our 2005 Carriage Cameo 5th wheel is stored outside in an RV-storage area for the winter.  We go out to check on it about every 7 to 10 days.  We store it with all three ceiling vents open and cabinet doors open.  Yesterday when we entered it, we noticed a distinct musty smell for the first time, much like many house basements have.  We did find what appeared to be dark bacteria or mildew cultures in the RV antifreeze left in the stool during winterizing.  I cleaned that all out and rinsed the stool with Clorox.  Are there other measures we could or should take? Thanks. John Hi, John, Mildew and mold need two things to thrive: moisture and a source of... [Read more...]

Lifestyle Tech Tips: Campfire-in-a-Carton

April 15, 2014 by · 8 Comments 

Lifestyle Tech Tips: Campfire-in-a-Carton

Campifre-in-a-Carton I learned a trick from a park ranger at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee; he taught me how to make homemade fire-starters. You’ll need lint from a clothes dryer; a cardboard egg carton; and a taper candle. Place a little of the clothes-dryer lint into each of the egg-carton compartments. Light the candle and carefully drip the wax on top of the lint in each compartment to seal the components. Now you have fire-starters at a bargain price. To use, simply cut the individual egg sections apart and store them in your RV. When you’re ready for a campfire, place a section under the kindling and light a corner of your homemade fire-starter. Soon you’ll be talking of the day’s adventures by the warmth of a crackling fire. Debbie Hale, Goodlettsville, Tennessee

Featured Park – Indian Creek RV Resort, Fort Myers FL

February 15, 2014 by · 1 Comment 

Featured Park – Indian Creek RV Resort, Fort Myers FL

Experience the five-star resort lifestyle at Indian Creek RV Resort in Fort Myers Beach—the finest RV resort in southwestern Florida! Indian Creek is an age restricted resort catering to an active 55 plus crowd and offers guests an extraordinary vacation destination with exemplary customer service. The amenity package at Indian Creek RV Resort is as extensive as it is impressive. Cool off in one of the three beautiful heated swimming pools or take a relaxing soak in the hot tub. Staying active is never a problem with five tennis courts, catch and release fishing, sixteen shuffleboard courts, beach volleyball, three regulation pickleball courts, seven horseshoe pits, bocce ball and a golf net to practice your swing. This resort also has a great selection of books, puzzles and other reading material at its on-site library—a great place for some quiet down time. Relax and catch up with some friends with an afternoon or evening game of pool on one of the eight handsome billiards tables... [Read more...]

Mark, My Words: Q & A with Mark Nemeth – January 2014

January 16, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Hi, everyone! I hope your New Year is progressing well! We’ll be putting our RVs back on the road soon, and since batteries really suffer in storage, I thought some battery-related questions would be appropriate this month. Keep those questions coming! Just send your email to —————————————————————- Hi, Mark, I have a Holiday Rambler Vacationer, which I purchased used 4 1/2 yr. ago. I am on my third set of house batteries. I add water frequently, but they won’t last. I make sure everything is off before leaving the MH. My current set is about 18 mo. old, and they are shot. Shouldn’t they last longer than that? Also, can I shut down the battery switch in winter without hurting the batteries? A friend told me that the batteries might freeze. Thanks, Don. Hi, Don, Your house batteries should last longer than that! How often do you have... [Read more...]

Lifestyle Tech Tips – Chamois Rocks

January 16, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

The countertop around the kitchen faucet in our trailer constantly gets wet, and the water would run down the surface and affect other things (paper bags, trinkets, etc.). I was tired of the mess, so I bought a cloth chamois. I made a template out of paper, traced the template on the underside of the chamois and then cut it to fit around the faucet. Now, the chamois absorbs most of the moisture, so I don’t have to constantly wipe it up. The chamois can easily be removed when it needs to be cleaned. Linda Hollingsworth, Ronkonkoma, New York  

Why Purchase an RV Extended Service Plan?

December 15, 2013 by · 1 Comment 

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal recently about Mechanical-Breakdown Insurance (MBI). The gist of the article was do you purchase one of these policies, or do you skip it? If you are not familiar with mechanical-breakdown insurance it is insurance designed to protect you from costly vehicle repair bills after any factory warranties expire. The article I read was based on MBI for your automobile, but similar type plans are offered to protect RV owners. These plans are usually referred to as Extended Service Plans (ESP) or Extended Service Contracts. From an RV industry insider’s viewpoint I was interested in what the article had to say. I have always recommended that RV owners purchase a reputable extended service plan, considering a typical repair to an RV, say the refrigerator, can easily exceed $1,000. An important point mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article was that MBI and ESP’s are similar in terms of what they are intended to do, but there are differences the... [Read more...]

Mark, My Words: Q & A with Mark Nemeth – December 2013

December 15, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Hi, all: I hope you have a merry Christmas and are looking forward to a New Year of RVing! This month, we’ll talk about leaks, refrigerators, and towing. Keep those questions coming! ————————————- Hi, Mark, We have a 1964 Silver Streak Sabre 22 travel trailer.  We love our trailer. We use one of those standard inline pressure regulators, without a gauge, when connecting to a campsite water source.  Most of the time, we’re okay, no leaks, but other times our plumbing leaks.  I have a suspicion the pressure regulator only steps the pressure down by a specific amount and not to a specific pressure.  For example, if the hose bib pressure is 120, the pressure regular steps it down by, say, 40 pounds, leaving 80 pounds of pressure.  It would be great if the pressure regulator would take whatever input pressure and step it down to say 45 pounds.  Is there such a device?  Or should I insert two... [Read more...]

Snowbird Destinations—Escaping to the Sunbelt

November 19, 2013 by · 1 Comment 

Check out the following snowbird tips and info from our Snowbird Destinations newsletter, delivered every month to your inbox. Get advice on everything from social activities to side trips, and use this information to get a great start for that long-term trip to the Sunbelt. Keep an eye on your inbox for future editions of Snowbird Destinations. Get to know Your Roost Don’t settle into a snowbird destination without exploring the area’s history, attractions and recreation opportunities. Check out national, state, county and regional parks, national wildlife refuges, national and state forests, scenic byways, fisheries and fish hatcheries, nature parks and centers, aquariums, wildlife and zoological parks, and game reserves. Many offer guided tours and hikes, educational seminars and talks, and opportunities to observe and photograph birds and other wildlife. Take up bird watching. Many of the colorful birds found in Sunbelt regions are tropical species, reaching their northern range... [Read more...]

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