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Vickie Medley
We are full-time RVers totally enjoying our semi-retired life. We were going to fully retire but decided to keep our hand in our home inspection business. We do the admin end that allows us to continue to travel and do business as well. We love our life with our two furry children, Bella and Tank.

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Time To Hang Up The Keys?

The time has come.  You’ve reached the stage where you either have no choice or have decided to “hang up the keys”.  Now what?  I asked that question of several RVers and, not surprisingly, most haven’t thought of it.  Some have given it considerable thought and some just have a vague idea of what they’ll do.  Don’t let your future be the anthem of “Que Sera Sera…whatever... [Read more]

Do You Have A Backup Plan?

I’m guessing that most RVers don’t have a backup plan should a catastrophic situation occur.  Most of us don’t even like thinking about sickness, death or giving up privileges due to age. I speak from experience when I advise you to sit down and discuss calmly with your spouse/mate/significant other, what you want done should anything catastrophic happen to you.  You won’t regret it because... [Read more]

Do You Know Why You RV?

Like most fulltime RVers I always read articles pertaining to the RVing lifestyle.  A lot of people who are standing on the fringe of RVing ask questions of any RVer they run into.  The most prominent question is…”Can I afford to RV?”  The usual answer is…”It depends on how much you need to live on per month.” That got me to asking the question, “Why do we continue... [Read more]

Tex-Mex New Year’s Eve Food

I know, I know…I’m pushing it.  Christmas isn’t even here and I’m going to talk to you about food on New Year’s Eve.  We live in Texas and we are loyal to our state with every fiber of our being.  That said; let me tell you where some of this loyalty comes from. When someone says, “Let’s go get some Tex-Mex,” I’m out the door.  Leading the pack…mouth watering.  I can’t... [Read more]

Cyber Monday Shopping

I have a confession.  I went shopping on Cyber Monday…for just us!  Oh, I did get some gifts for the grandkids but mainly got things for us. That Monday was spent reading all the emails that were advertising Cyber Monday. I am NOT a Black Friday shopper. Not even a Grey Thursday shopper. Quite frankly, I didn’t even know there was a Grey Thursday until last week! However, I’ve always... [Read more]

Butterflied Turkey a la RV

Last year we celebrated our first Thanksgiving in the RV and I knew I was going to fix a turkey no matter what.  We have a convection oven and I knew the only hurdle I would need to overcome was the size of the turkey.  So, if you’re new to RVing or have not tried cooking a turkey inside your RV, let me share how easy it is. I saw a recipe about butterflying a turkey and I knew that would work... [Read more]

Your Right To Vote

Your Right To Vote

Do you vote by mail?  Do you vote early?  Do you wait until the last minute to vote?  None of those questions matter as long as you vote! When we made the decision to RV fulltime we chose to get our mail and have our permanent residence be our daughter’s address.  When we are in town, we camp close to where they live so it’s not a problem going out to vote in that district.     Have you chosen... [Read more]

Beam Me Up…Anyone!

I recently wrote about Man Camps, the changing landscape of the RV world.  RVers now share RV parks with the crews of oil well drilling, natural gas drilling and construction of new buildings.   These crews consist mainly of men.  Hence, the name Man Camps. We also share our parks with people in transition and a younger generation who now work from their RVs while traveling. I heard back from... [Read more]