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I'm a techie, a bibliophile (book lover), dog lover, wife lover, and partime author; not counting my Woodall's scribblings. Have written several autobiographical short stories about growing up on Long Island in New York and one hard-scifi novel; as yet unpublished. Purchased a Fun Finder X trailer in 2009 and have already taken a 9-month tour of the USA and its state and national parks. Have now resettled from Florida to Tennessee, where one of our 4 children and his family live. Have 5 grandchildren, so far, with expectations of several more. Also am in the process of restoring a 1990 Toyota Celica GT sportscar. And yet still my DW thinks I'm not busy enough...

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Sally’s Revenge and the Bear that came to Dinner – Part 1

Dateline: Late 1970’s, Shenandoah National Park, Matthew’s Arm Campground, Virginia Although this story didn’t just happen, I thought that you might appreciate it. It came up during a story telling evening around a campfire while we were in Moab, Utah. If you’ve been camping long enough, you’ll each have stories like this to tell. If you don’t, well you’re just not trying hard enough! BTW,... [Read more]

I.C.E. – In Case of Emergency Information & Apps for your Smartphone

This week I chose to write about a serious issue; having enough emergency information available on your person, if your are ill or injured and unable to speak, to give police and emergency caregivers the kind of information they need that might save your life or meet your wishes. Especially if you have a chronic illness, but even if you’re healthy, you might find yourself unconscious in an emergency... [Read more]

Huh? What’s That? NO!

If you’ve heard this story anywhere else, you should know that it’s true and it’s mine. It was after 8 PM on a Thursday and I was at our vet’s office with one of our dogs; Sam, short for Samantha. Sam was a Golden Retriever-Collie mix. She was a beautiful dog; steady as a rock, loyal and a member of our family. The reason she and I were at the vet’s was because she had returned home about... [Read more]

RVng, A Great Way To Make New BFFs

I just finished reading a book about time travel. The lead character finds himself in the early 1900s in New York City. He finds a more optimistic and open society. People were less suspicious of each other; worrying less about someone else’s ulterior motives and hidden agendas than just being hospitable. It made me think about how nice it would be if the world were more like that. My story... [Read more]

An Angel in Cowboy Boots

On our next-to-the-last stage in driving across Texas, we left San Antonio the day before and drove to Fort Stockton, where we spent the night. Making sure that we had a full tank the next morning, we headed northwest out of Fort Stockton on Route 285. We knew that it would be 49 miles to Pecos and then another 100 to the New Mexico border and Carlsbad. 150 miles of desert driving. At over 100 degrees. Let’s... [Read more]

Mountain Monograms

While driving eastward on I-70 through southern Utah, we noticed something interesting. Giant letters. One letter at a time, on one mountain at a time, all along the interstate. Why? Who? What? When? Alien guideposts, left behind by ancient navigators? Could they be easily seen markers for little green tourists to follow: “Turn left at mountain ‘M,’ proceed 1.7 glicks SSE to mountain ‘U,’... [Read more]

Arachnophobia in New Orleans; Now Who’s Afraid of a Little Spider?

Arachnophobia in New Orleans; Now Who’s Afraid of a Little Spider?

Our Australian Terrier, Rocky (RIP) took me on some memorable walks: “George and Rocky’s Late Night Adventure,” “When Things Go Bump in the Night,” and “So Long Rocky, It Was Good To Have Known You.” And then there are the as-yet-unpublished walks involving coyotes, alligators, snakes, and this one. It takes place, as many of our more memorable walks did, late at night and, this time,... [Read more]

Enough is Enough, Bye Bye, Mr. Stinky!

Enough is Enough, Bye Bye, Mr. Stinky!

Well, we were officially fulltimers—at least for the next 10 months. We were also “Snowbirders,” since, after living in Florida for the past 15 years, we were hitting the road full-time, but would spend the first 3 months exploring parts of Florida that we hadn’t had a chance to see. Step #1 was to check into the RV park where we would be spending the first two months—two of... [Read more]

Making Ugly Faces at Dogs is Not Permitted

Minnesota! Now, who wouldn’t want to live there? Where men are men and women are good looking and all the children are above average… (Thanks to Garrison Keilor and his Lake Wobegon for that). Natural beauty, support for culture and education, good jobs that let hard-working people hold their heads up high, and friendly laws that protect the innocent and scare the dickens out of miscreants…... [Read more]

Open Mike Night and “Mr. Harvard”

Open Mike Night and “Mr. Harvard”

Winter 2010 Many RV resorts have social calendars full of group activities so that people can get to know each other and, perhaps, be distracted from obsessing over the crummy weather or the outrageous rental fees that they’re paying. Popular activities include shuffleboard, Texas-Hold-Em, Line dancing, BINGO, sewing, painting, and an “Open Mike Night” where residents are free to... [Read more]

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