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I'm a techie, a bibliophile (book lover), dog lover, wife lover, and partime author; not counting my Woodall's scribblings. Have written several autobiographical short stories about growing up on Long Island in New York and one hard-scifi novel; as yet unpublished. Purchased a Fun Finder X trailer in 2009 and have already taken a 9-month tour of the USA and its state and national parks. Have now resettled from Florida to Tennessee, where one of our 4 children and his family live. Have 5 grandchildren, so far, with expectations of several more. Also am in the process of restoring a 1990 Toyota Celica GT sportscar. And yet still my DW thinks I'm not busy enough...

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Henry Horton S.P., Tennessee

As winter approached and sub-freezing temperatures were just around the corner, I still had some winterizing left to do with my Fun Finder trailer. After flushing the tanks as we left Top Sail RV Park in Santa Rosa, Florida months ago, we ended up having to use the toilet on the way home. When it came time to winterize I was not going to do it if there was any waste in the system. So-o, we needed to... [Read more]

Mau-Mau, A Most Peculiar Cat

My wife and I have always been animal lovers (although I draw the line with snakes and spiders) and have always had pets in our lives. Dogs, cats, birds, and sheep… yes, SHEEP. While we owned several acres of old apple orchard in the mountains of northwestern New Jersey (yes, there are mountains in New Jersey; no, not the Rocky Mountains type of mountains, but maybe foothills to the Rockies kind... [Read more]

Put Tab A Into Slot B…

Do you know how, after doing something thousands of time, it becomes second nature and you can do it without really thinking about it? Well, that’s kind of what this story is about, except in reverse. Let me explain: After a 300 mile drive, my tired wife and I pulled into a service station for another all-too often refill of our gas tank. My wife usually does this, since she uses the stop as... [Read more]

Part 3 – Big Trees State Park, Calaveras County, California – Exploitation of the Sequoias

My wife standing on top of the “Discovery Tree” stump.The photo really brings home what a massive tree it was. The “Discovery Tree,” top and bottom right. The “Mother of the Forest,” bottom left, as it appeared during exhibitions. Calaveras Big Trees State Park’s “Discovery Tree” is one of the first trees that were exploited to prove that this incredible grove... [Read more]

Part 2 – Big Trees State Park, Calveras County, California

The Big Trees State Park contains two campgrounds with a total of 129 campsites, six picnic areas and hundreds of miles of established trails. Located in the Stanislaus National Forest, Big Trees S.P. has a water spigot near every site, but not close enough or compatible with the RVs city water connection (unless you have a “water thief” or serious plumbing skills to temporarily extend... [Read more]

Yosemite N.P. to Big Trees State Park, Calaveras County, California – Part 1

Our home away from home After eight months of towing our trailer across the country and leaving the idea of reservations in God’s hands, we ran out of luck – again. We had decided during the planning stage for this trip that we wanted to be free to stop and stay at whatever place caught our interest and not have to be bound to the calendar; having to be in a certain place at a certain time.... [Read more]

Postcards From The Road

Snowbirds Migrating Back North Early – On this month’s trip from our new home in Tenessee to Florida and back, in order to satisfy our Spring Fever and visit friends and family members in Florida, we noticed many RVs heading north; more than we thought was normal for early March. During stopovers at RV parks in Georgia and Florida we met several RVers who confirmed the earlier-than-normal... [Read more]

Postcards From The Road – The Black and Decker Powermate 400

The Black and Decker Powermate 400 AC/DC Portable Power Station/Jump-Starter/Compressor  - Purchasing this multi-use device was a brilliant decision on my part, if I do say so myself. Just having it sitting in my storage area, fully charged and ready to go, gives me a peace of mind that a set of jumper cables can’t match. It can start my car if my battery is weak or dead and doesn’t... [Read more]

Fort Lauderdale and Miami’s South Beach

After leaving the Florida Keys, we returned to CB Smith’s County Park just outside Fort Lauderdale for a few more days so that we could visit with some old friends and experience Fort Lauderdale Beach and Miami’s famed South Beach. It had been years since we had seen either of our friends: Mark, who attended high school with our daughter, and his partner Andy, and Steve, once married to the now-departed... [Read more]

Kingman, AZ to Las Vegas

Kingman, AZ to Las Vegas

We left Kingman, Arizona, on the 21st of July, after having to put down our beautiful, loyal Australian Terrier, Rocky, the day before after he put out is back for the second time in 5 months. We were very depressed and really not in the mood to go on at that point. But we did. We planned to visit the Dam and the Lake Mead NRA. When we got to the dam, traffic was all backed up due to construction... [Read more]

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