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Become a Junior Rancher in Montana!

If you are traveling to Montana this summer, you might consider a visit to the Grant-Kohrs National Historic Site. A working cattle ranch, Grant-Kohrs celebrates the life and legacy of the American cowboy and cattlemen. We visited this fabulous informative historic ranch about two years ago when we were driving home from Yellowstone National Park. We stopped en route and spent a couple hours touring... [Read more]

Cook Some Naan On Those Cast-Iron Skillets!

A couple years ago, we took a family camping trip to Yellowstone National Park. While camping in the Madison Campground, we decided to do most of our cooking over the campfire. We didn’t have any hookups for our camper, so my little galley kitchen wasn’t working at full capacity. This didn’t bother me, because it was quite warm and sunny while we were there. Naturally, I wanted to... [Read more]

Consider Vancouver Island!

One of my favorite summer destinations in the Pacific Northwest is Vancouver Island. We first visited this large island about fourteen years ago when our daughter was very little. We were new to the region, and  I was spending a fair amount of time doing research and talking to tourism representatives in British Columbia. Back then, everyone told me that Vancouver was great, but many of my contacts... [Read more]

A Day Trip to Whidbey Island…

A couple weeks ago my husband and I decided to take a day trip to Washington’s Whidbey Island. I hadn’t been there for a few years and we wanted to partake in their annual Penn Cove Musselfest! Located only a short ferry ride from Mukilteo, Whidbey Island is a fabulous rural destination. We arrived in Clinton on the south end of the island and then drove north about twenty miles towards... [Read more]

A Resource for Traveling Washington’s Scenic Byways

If you plan to travel around or visit Washington state this summer, then I suggest you check out the Scenic Byways and Road Trips resource. Published by Washington The State, the resource is a fabulous tool to use when traveling hither and yon around this massive coastal state. The guide is broken up into three sections: All-American Roads, National Scenic Byways, and State Scenic Byways. Indeed, I’ve... [Read more]

Celebrate Local With Regional Events…

Do you hunt down local food festivals and events when you are camping, RVing,  and traveling? They are a great way to get a true taste of the region. Festivals are often annual events that celebrate a seasonal or local food. And, they often raise money for local causes, such as the chamber of commerce or a civic project. I have found that regional festivals and community dinners have given me some... [Read more]

Snazzy Photos from Your Phone!

I have taken thousands of photos over the years while traveling. I treasure them all. Recently, however, I have been using my iPhone 4S to snap lots of photos. Truth be told, I am amazed at the quality of photos that are taken.  I love the compact nature of my wonderful camera. Unlike my larger Nikon, I love the way this little “camera” can fit in my purse and even in my pocket. On countless... [Read more]

Coffee On The Go…

So, what is your favorite way to crank out a hot cup of coffee while traveling, camping or RVing? I have used various methods and tools over the years. Yes, simply poking the button on my electric coffee maker in the kitchen of my travel trailer is my favorite way to brew when we are camping. It’s simple and convenient. And, I can do it without having to start a fire in the campsite fire ring!  When... [Read more]

Visit Old Faithful Through The Yellowstone Webcam!

We have visited many national parks with our children. Denali, Mount Rainier, Olympic, and Yellowstone are at the top of our list. While writing and doing research, I often visit the websites for these parks in order to see what is new and what’s happening. I follow the Alaska National Parks system and Denali on my Facebook page. One  trend that I have been noticing is the use of webcams... [Read more]

What is Your Travel Planning Style?

Seward, Alaska, 2011 Do you have a method for planning your road trips or vacations? Do you dutifully sit down in January and target where and when you will go to specific destinations? Or, do you just “wing it” once the official camping season kicks off in the spring? I have to admit that I have waffled between both methods over the years.  I am, in fact, still waffling! When we first... [Read more]

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