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Try the Quick Chill Method at Camp!

Do you ever drive for hours, arrive at your campsite and then realize that you don’t have any cold beverages at hand? Well, here’s a nifty low-tech trick for chilling beer, wine, soda, bottled water and juice quickly. Get a large galvanized bucket, cooler or even a stockpot. Fill it with ice, add water and about a cup or two of table salt.  Submerge the beverage containers and within fifteen minutes... [Read more]

Olympic National Park Celebrates 75 Years!

Did you know that Olympic National Park is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year? On June 29, 1938, Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the law and established Olympic National Park. This massive park, located in Washington State, consists of 922,651 protected acres, 70 miles of rugged windswept coastline, and three distinct ecosystems.  The park protects the largest unmanaged herd of Roosevelt elk... [Read more]

Spooky Hikes in Washington State

If you live in Washington State and are interested in doing some spooky hikes, check out this informative list from the Washington Trails Association. The list features ten haunted hikes and highlights some of the regional history with each trail. If you aren’t interested in haunted hikes, then check out the Association’s other offerings, which feature everything from hiking basics and... [Read more]

Wild for Blackberries in the Pacific Northwest!

At long last, the wild blackberries are ripe and ready for picking out here in Seattle. I’ve long loved these plump shiny berries and every August have made a concerted effort to pick and freeze the berries for the winter months. Admittedly, it can be a downright prickly task gathering these berries from the thorny brambles, but the payoff can be decadently delicious in the cold winter months... [Read more]

Savor those Campgrounds in September…

Pacific Rim National Park, Vancovuer Island, British Columbia September has always been one of my favorite months for vacation. Alas, now that my children are in school, I don’t get to vacation during the last official month of the summer, but when my children were very little, we always took a week out on the beach. The beaches and campgrounds are blissfully quiet, and the summer sun has started... [Read more]

Do the Puyallup Fair in Western Washington

The Puyallup Fair by Carolyn Trainer Do you ever use your travel trailer or mobile home to visit special state or county fairs? Indeed, it can be a great way to see the local flavor of a region!  In Western Washington, we enjoy the Puyallup Fair every September. This year the Fair runs from September 7 to 23 in Puyallup. With full hookup RV parking available at the fair, it’s a convenient way... [Read more]

Are You a Mobile Reader?

  Consider the convenience of mobile readers when camping! I know. I know. On a site geared to camping, I should be talking about hiking to the highest peak or racing down a river in a kayak. However, truth be told, there are many days when I simply like to read on the beach or around the campfire! I love to read and when we are camping, I like to steal a few minutes to just catch up on books... [Read more]

Get Ready for the Ellensburg Rodeo and a County Fair!

Historic Downtown of Ellensburg, Washington I visited Ellensburg, Washington yesterday. While touring their historic downtown and shopping at their lovely farmers market, I noticed signs advertising the upcoming Ellensburg Rodeo. Admittedly, I have never been to this rodeo but it is a huge deal and has some historical significance in our state because it first took place in 1920s. Ellensburg is rich... [Read more]

Tips for Dealing with Tsunami Debris

If, like me, you love to walk the  shores of the Pacific Ocean in order to hunt for treasures such as shells, seaweed and driftwood, then you might read this information regarding the wave of tsunami debris that is heading our way and landing on our beaches. Recently, our coastal beaches have experienced an increase in marine debris resulting from the devastating March 11, 2011 Japanese tsunami. I... [Read more]

Rent a Tent in Homer, Alaska!

  Rent a Tent in Homer, Alaska I spontaneously rented a car in Homer, Alaska last week. I hadn’t initially planned on renting a Forest Green Subaru while there, but when my plans abruptly shifted, I did, too. Hence, my husband called Adventure Alaska Car Rentals, a small family-owned and operated car rental company. Within an hour, Tammy was delivering a car to me at The Driftwood Inn.... [Read more]

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