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New Campground Search Engine on Woodall’s

February 26, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 


We met T&P at our church and quickly because friends with them.   She was American and he was Canadian.  They met on the internet, fell in love and got married.   They were living in Gatineau and us in Ottawa.   They became the god parents of our third son.   UCampground Search Enginenfortunately, P got transferred to Winnipeg for his job and they move there.   I would have hoped to be able to visit them while they were there but the years passed by and the dream of visiting in Winnipeg never materialized.   The P retired from his job and though they could have come back to the area here, they decided that it was time for them to move to the US.    It’s a long process to have a Canadian move to the US even if his wife is American.   But they went through the process to the point that T lived for many months without her husband in Tennessee.   Recently, P officially joined his wife in the US.  They are both very happy to be reunited.

But what does it means for us?  Well it simply means that a trip to Tennessee could be a possibility.   Now mind you it’s not close to our place so I prefer to plan in advance when we decide to embark on such an adventure.  I’m sure they would be delighted to have us visit them…  You will find the search engine on the left side on the main page of the Woodall’s website.

So to see what kind of campground there would be close to their home, I decided to use the new campground search engine on Woodall’s.   I knew the city and the state – Corryton, TN.   I will admit that I don’t know where Corryton, TN is so here’s a map of TN showing where it is.  Apparently it is about 15 miles northeast of Knoxville.   Let’s see if I can find something close to their home…

Corryton TN

Corryton SearchFirst I entered the city and the state in the search engine.

Already I had 77 possible campgrounds.

Corryton Results

Then I selected internet and swimming to see if this will bring the number down by selecting specific items we would like to have.   It gave me 33 campgrounds.

Refine search CampgroundUntitled

You can also refine your search if you are in need to search for RV Parts or Accessories while staying in a specific area.

MOre refine search

And if you are a Good Sam Club member you have the possibility to search locations accepting Good Sam cards as well.  This specific search identified 13 results for Corryton, TN.

Good Sam Locations

There are quite a number of campgrounds in TN and I still have to check out where is the closest one to our friends.  The first results ended up being 45 minutes south of their location.  I would love to see the closest locations to the city entered coming at the top of my search.  Right now this isn’t the case as the Volunteer Park Family Campground in Knoxville is listed further down on the list.

Still even though it doesn’t give you the closest parks to the city entered, the search engine is quite easy to use for anyone.  The search is incredibly rapid and you can get a quick list of campgrounds available in the area you are thinking of visiting.  It’s much easier to get the names of campgrounds using the search engine then digging into a book and try to figure out which ones has the best facilities for your family.

I hope to be able to visit T&P in Tennessee before they move again.  We never visited Tennessee and I am sure I can find lots of things for our family to do.   If there isn’t a closer campground for us, I have been told by our friends we could park the RV next to their house.   Knowing this is a possibility give me a bit of piece of mind when I will plan that future trip. In the meantime, I will rely on the search engine to find places where we can park our RV when traveling.

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