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RV Insurance Claims: Driver Inexperience & Forgetfulness

First party insurance claims involving recreational vehicles can often be traced to driver inexperience and forgetfulness. The majority of claims occur within the first 90 days of ownership or at the beginning of the season, according to International Insurance Group, Inc., an independent Arizona RV insurance agency. “This is due to the nuances and size

What’s So Special About Hatch, NM?

Why, the Chiles, of Course! This year marks the first year we have been in Taos, NM during the months of August and September. About the middle of August, we started to notice an unusual phenomenon that, at first, we did not understand. In the produce department of every grocery store in town, large piles

Last Lap for the Daytona Rally!

There’s still space available, but reservations are pouring in for the third Good Sam Rally of 2012, presented by DISH and taking place in Daytona Beach, Florida at the Daytona International Speedway, November 2 through 4. Daytona Beach was recently named one of America’s top beach destinations by Trip Advisor, ranking sixth based on millions