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WINEGARD Carryout Automatic Satellite Review

March 12, 2012 by · 4 Comments 


In case you didn’t already know, Winegard Satellites is making big moves this year.

What kind of moves you ask?

Well…big ones!

I mean it seems like I can’t go anywhere this year without seeing a noticeable difference in the amount of Winegard Satellite promotions being displayed throughout RV-related stores. And considering Winegard may just be the  (arguably) best option for a RV owner when it comes to finding a mobile TV solution, this is good news for us die-hard travelers.

This increase in promotions can mean only one thing…some of the engineering gurus with the company have been busy conjuring up new ideas to and ways to make the lives of all of us RVers easier, at least when it comes to RV satellite options.

Winegard prides itself on delivering high quality, user-friendly products which make tailgating, camping, or recreational TV entertainment fast and easy. They feature top of the line antennas like the Winegard Trav’ler series (the ONLY antennas capable viewing all the satellites at the same time / DIRECT TV HD) and the Winegard Roadtrip series (automatic roof mounts that perform in all weather).

With that said, for an extra portable and easy experience, Winegard has also unveiled the Winegard Carryout Automatic RV Satellite.

This is the RV Satellite from the company which has sparked not only my interest, but a number of my traveling buddies.

The Carryout Automatic Satellite is fairly self-explanatory and is the perfect satellite for anyone who wants an ultra-portable TV viewing experience. It also has an extremely easy setup – just plug it in and it’ll do the rest. The Carryout Automatic also has two receiver hookups which mean you can have two TVs going. It is also compatible with all major TV services including DISH Network, Bell TV, DIRECT TV and more. Additionally, when changing channels which require different satellites, the transition time is only about 5 seconds.

Overall, I’ve found the Carryout Automatic Satellite saves tons of time (between the automatic setup and transition time), as well as tons of space (being only 20’’ in diameter). It really was a breeze to get this satellite set up.

The Carryout also comes with some great design and accessory options. You can take advantage of a built-in handle which helps make transporting it much easier. There are also a number of accessories Winegard makes for the Carryout including a ladder mount, a tripod stand, an AC/DC power converter, and different colored replacement domes for the outer shell of the antenna. A GM-300 ladder mount provides a quick and easy attachment so you can put the Carryout on the top of your RV, while the TR-1518 Tripod mount gives you an easy place to put it when you’re out tailgating or camping for the day. Some of the dome colors to choose from for the carryout include white, black, and camouflage.

It comes down to this: If you’re looking for a versatile and efficient satellite for your RV, then the Winegard Carryout might just be the way to go.

About the Author: Darrin Michael currently serves as the eCommerce Director for Dave Arbogast RV Depot and is President/Owner of Michael Web Solutions. He also teaches web design at Edison Community College in Piqua, OH. 


4 Responses to “WINEGARD Carryout Automatic Satellite Review”
  1. Jon says:

    This is really just a sale pitch and not a review..

  2. JAMES IRISH says:

    this is the best unit out the we have around usa for the last 2 years and havent had any trouble

  3. MrOAK says:

    I agree with the earlier comment that there is more sales pitch to this articile than review.

    As a review I would have expected to see a statement clearly identifing that this carryout can not receive HD programming on DirecTV. the reference to this issue was obscure.

    There is no note of the competition out there. A friend and I were in a satellite store the other day and they offered the winegard unit but said that all their customers were buying another unit from a different manufacturer. I think it was called the Tailgater but don’t bet on that statement. What I remember is that it was roughly 1/2 the price of the winegard unit and provided the same function.

    I like the current winegard traveler unit that I have. It is not a carryout but permanently mounted on the roof of my class A. I have had it for almost 4 years. It has performed well. I wish it was not specific to DirecTV since Dish now has the pay as you go option. DirecTV needs to catch up with that billing option.


  4. John says:

    If you get one, don’t try to camp anywhere there are trees. We have had ours for a year and it has never worked, except of course at the dealer’s lot, where there are no trees. I spent at least an hour on the phone today with Winegard tech support, checking voltages in all the coaxial cables, bypassing the camper wiring and going directly to the satellite receiver, taking the dome off and watching the little dish dance around, putting it up on top of my truck..the tech was very nice and helpful, but at the end the best she could say was that it must be the trees. I am in Arkansas and there are a lot of trees around, and I had the dome in the best clearing I could, and I am sitting on top of a hill. So I long for the day when we camp in Kansas or Nevada or somewhere there are no trees so that I can use my satellite.

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