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Earn Money #5–An Update and Wrap Up

March 4, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 


This post is a follow up on my theme of creative ideas for earning money from your RV, whether you are a full-timer looking for a little extra income or just someone who loves to travel and needs to have a job you can do while engaging in your passion. We have already discussed the replacement of the 21 copies of Romancing the Web with the defective cover that arrived in two days in perfect condition.

Since that time, I have sold two copies on the Amazon website and see this project as pretty much completed, other than my continued efforts at marketing. I submitted the book to parapublishing’s “reviews wanted” column and two persons volunteered to review the book. As of this writing, one of the reviews has posted on and the other is in the works. I see this as a win-win project: individuals volunteer to review books on subjects that interest them (both persons were interested and participating in online dating, one is in her 50’s and one in her 60’s, so the book met their needs as well) and writers get honest reviews without having to pay for them. I will be resubmitting the material to that site again, as I would really like to have a few more reviews of the book posted.

Further, Kindle sales of the book have been strong. From the time the 2nd edition was first made available on Kindle on January 21st through February 11th, four Kindle copies have been sold and downloaded. These sales are not as lucrative as the print sales, as I deliberately kept the price low ($3.99) in an effort to get the book out to a greater number of readers, so the commission is lower. For the Kindle version It is $2.72 per book sold. Nonetheless, I am pleased with its progress thus far.

Amazon Digital Services Kindle Sales Report

Amazon Digital Services Kindle Sales Report

Amazon Digital Services, the group that provides the Kindle sales, provides reports that you may access at any time of the month. They are easy to pull up and understandable even by the newest computer user. I have included a photograph of my most recent Digital Services Report. AS you can see, it includes all three of the books I have uploaded to Kindle but is easy to understand and to calculate your proceeds. They do have a cut-off of $10 as their minimum payment and, if you meet that threshold, your payment will be directly deposited into your bank account, after the close of the month that your threshold was reached. It is easy to follow and simple to track. You will always know what you can expect to receive and when it will arrive. This makes life much easier, especially if you are on the road.

Child Friendly Divorce--2nd edition

Child Friendly Divorce--2nd edition

Finally, in this update, I wanted to bring up my next project: the 2nd edition of Child Friendly Divorce. As you know, this was my first book and is my next project to convert and republish on Create Space and then convert to Kindle. I am pleased to say that is proceeding more quickly than my first Create Space production. I have already ordered and received a proof copy of the book and it looks great, except for a few edits that I will be making later this week. I will then order my final proof copy and approve it for sale if all continues to look good. Once the print edition is all set, I plan to pay Amazon again to convert this book to Kindle as well as that was an incredibly painless process last time.

Finally, I started out to share this online publishing journey with you as I was making it, thinking there may be RVers and other writers out there who could benefit from my experiences. However, this may be the last you hear from me about any of these self-publishing ideas, unless I uncover a new glitch or piece of information I think would benefit anyone starting out in this field.  I remain available for questions or advice if anyone is interested in getting starting with Create Space and gets stuck or stymied by the process; I would be happy to help. And, remember, any of these tasks are able to be performed quite capably from your RV  or your home as long as you have a computer and wifi service. Good luck!

Click the link to find an RV park or place to stay on your next trip and check for amenities, such as wifi service.

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