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Camco RhinoFLEX Swivel RV Sewer Kit: Making a Messy Job Cleaner

March 1, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 


No matter what class, brand, or model RV you have, there is one thing every motorhome owner has in common – we all hate messing with our sewer setup.

At some point, however, it becomes a necessary evil. Everyone has to empty their RVs holding tank eventually.  The problem I have is those traditional and flimsy sewer hoses that most RVers use simply don’t get the job done as “cleanly” and easily as we would like. These hoses are often difficult to attach, easy to break, a pain to store, and provide an overall messy experience.

Fortunately, I found a product that makes emptying holding tanks easier. Hopefully, it can help some other RVers out as well. It’s all thanks to the good folks at Camco who have designed one of the most versatile sewer hoses on the market.

I discovered the RhinoFLEX Swivel RV Sewer Kit.

Unlike most cheap flimsy hoses, the 15’ RhinoFLEX hose contracts, and assumes a stiff, 3’ rod shape. This helps provided easy transportation as well as storage. The RhinoFLEX kit also comes with four different fittings (3” slip, 3”,3.5”,4” threaded pipe), including end caps. It means no more dripping hoses and most of all, no more mess!

The stiff body style of the hose also helps when in use. Flimsy hoses can move around freely during the draining process. This can lead to a potentially messy situation. However, with the RhinoFLEX, you can form the hose to any length or shape you need, and it holds its shape perfectly. And, if the 15’  hose isn’t quite long enough for you, Camco also makes 5’ hose extenders so your RhinoFlex can tackle any job flawlessly.

Another feature I really love about the RhinoFLEX hose is its durability. Cheap hoses rip and tear, causing a vicious circle of difficult RV draining experiences. Not so with the RhinoFlex.

The RhinoFLEX Swivel RV Sewer Kit will last a lot longer than other hoses. Use it for awhile, and you’ll wonder how your motorhome ever functioned without it. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store (something everyone wants in their hoses!).

So if you’re like myself and absolutely hate the hassle of messing with your RVs sewer system, check out a RhinoFlex. The team at CamCo has truly gone above and beyond when it comes to this great package.

About The Author:

Eric Purvis is a student at Troy Christian High School in Troy, OH.  He currently serves as an intern for RV Parts Supplier where he writes and blogs regularly for the online RV part and accessory store.

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