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Wild Dogs in the Village!! Part 1

February 8, 2012 by · 20 Comments 


Wild Dogs in the Village! (Part One)

It seems that many RVers are also “dog people,” so I thought I would share my adventure.  Looking back on this ongoing adventure, I find it interesting at how people who seem to have such a strong common interest (RVers, to be specific) can view the same situation so differently.

The puppy

The puppy of the two

The adventure started one morning when I took my dog (a 16-year-old Maltese mix) out for her morning walk (well, at her age, and in the morning, it is tough to call it a walk, it is more of a mosey).  Suddenly, out of nowhere, a young adult dog and a puppy came up for a visit.  They were obviously interested in meeting my dog.  Once I saw the body language of the two dogs, I gladly allowed them to visit with my dog.  I noticed right away, though, that these two were not going to allow me to touch them.  Soon they grew bored with such an inactive dog, and headed off to find another dog to play with.

I continued my walk and it was not long before someone with a harried and panic look on their face came running up telling me to watch out while walking my dog because there are wild dogs in the park!  I became concerned and was wondering if Atticus was available to help us out (think To Kill a Mockingbird).  I immediately thought out loud, “WILD DOGS!!! I sure hope they don’t hurt those cute, friendly strays I just met.”  Imagine my surprise when I learned that those strays that came up and met my dog were actually the wild dogs terrorizing the village!

It was not long before the village was abuzz with the news!  Of course, the “news” showed that our village is just a touch schizophrenic…it seemed that half the village were discussing the cute strays, were putting out food, were planning how to capture them and take them to the local no-kill shelter (Cinderella Pet Rescue), and were sharing stories about how they had run up and almost eaten out of their hands; another half, however, were congregating (I swear I think I saw pitch forks and torches…or maybe that group was dealing with another situation in another story…I get confused sometimes) and deciding how to eliminate the village of this danger; they were collecting water hoses, practicing their kicks, and exercising their best yelling voices so that they could drive the beasts from our gates.  The final half (okay, math is not my best subject, and I never have liked fractions) really did not seem to care one way or the other and went about their business.

The Brown Dog

The leader of the two Wild Dogs

So, over the next week, the race was on…would we be able to capture the cute strays before the Wild Dogs!!! were captured?  The good news is that no dogs or people were harmed in this great adventure.  I will continue the story in additional posts (based on interest by you readers), but I assure you that the story has a happy ending (even though part of the adventure still remains to be determined–as you can tell by the pictures).  I will share one thing just to give you a sneak peek…our old dog now has a play mate.


20 Responses to “Wild Dogs in the Village!! Part 1”
  1. eric says:

    I look forward to hearing the rest of this tail!

    Er, tale.

  2. Hoby says:


    Good one. I’m looking forward to sharing it; especially since I don’t know the ending yet.


  3. Linda says:

    Wonderful story. Looking forward to Part 2

  4. Hoby says:

    I’m glad you liked it. I’m beginning to think that a few people out there may want me to post Part 2 (The Plan!).

  5. JEANNIE says:

    Hey- Do they have any WILD CATS? Oh well -please post part 2.

  6. Hoby says:


    We do have “Retama Tom” who seems to have moved in and has been here over 2 years. But I’m not sure the story around how he adopted our village, so can’t share much there.

  7. Hoby says:


    Also, if you go to the Cinderella Pet Rescue site, you’ll see that they have a number of cats for adoption.

  8. Bevsmom says:

    Please let tell us the “rest of the story” as an old radio personality used to say!

  9. Sue says:

    Great story! Can’t wait for part 2!

  10. Janet Luna says:

    Please, tell us more! I’m a dog lover, dumbfounded by how many good pets are dumped and not adopted.

  11. Donald says:

    This is a blog, why in the world do we have to wait for the next issue!

  12. jean mulder says:

    Great story. Yes, we too love our ‘Fur-Kids”
    Our ‘Katie’ enjoys meeting fellow 4 legged playmates on our walks (9#Shih-Tzu/maltese)

  13. John and Kathi says:

    We take all our dogs (family) camping ..They love it .Great story ,will enjoy next.

  14. T says:

    Can’t wait for part 2

  15. Jim says:

    not to change the train of thought, I, too, used to let my boys meet other dogs until one of them came down with kennel cough and then passed it on to the other two. Fleas also.

  16. Joe says:

    I too am a dog lover, but a totally different view of wild dogs. These wild dogs roam free and have no vacinations. If they were to bite somebody, the chance of rabies is high. They run wild and tip over garbage cans overnight, breed other dogs, bite and scare people, spread diseases, kill other animals, chase livestock, and the list goes on. A pack of wild dogs can be more dangerous than a pack of wolves because they don’t have the fear of humans and and kill for the fun of it.
    Wild cats are no better. My neighbor has about 30 cats that run wild. They come over and take their dump in my gravel carport floor. Then I accidently stip in it. I can’t remember the last time I saw a song bird as these cats can go up a tree like a squirrel and kill young birds in the nest.

  17. rachael para says:

    great story, and is so true how different people can be and how they can take something small and make it into a big mess.

  18. Paulie says:

    I haven’t heard part two … but from the pictures and closing comment … it leads me to believe there is a happy ending. I have always been an animal lover and glad to see a story that is positive. Sometimes, at camp sites and RV resorts, there is that dog wondering freely and no matter how friendly YOU think it may be there is no way of telling from that initial meeting. I am sadden that owners who allow there dog to be “free” whether it is an “accident” or not doesn’t hold water with me! ALL owners have a responsibility and should adhere to the resorts rules! I always ask permission from the owner of their leashed dog if it is OK to approach and pet – don’t assume! AS for this story and the “wild” dogs, I too have difficulty with someone who “dumps” a dog. God Bless ALL the animal lovers out there to help rescue and help!

  19. Hoby says:

    WOW! Thanks for all the great comments. I guess I better hurry up and post Part 2 (The Plan!). Since this story took a different approach, I wanted to see the response before posting more.

    Down here in South Texas there is a big problem with dumped dogs because of the culture. It is why organizations like Cinderella Pet Rescue are so important. The county facility is so over-burdened that they only keep a dog for 72 hours.

    I agree that it can be an issue meeting other dogs, but we keep vaccines up to date (including bordatella) and treat for fleas. I remember sometimes having kids come home with colds, and every now and then lice, but we still let them go to school and play with their friends :)

    As for the downside of wild dogs, I agree with the comments. Wild Dogs are a big problem and need to be taken care of. What I wanted to point out with this story is that not every dog wandering through the village is a wild dog. Just like with anything else, lumping all into one category is not always the best approach; it is normally best to let the situation determine the response. But, since we are talking about animals, not everyone is equiped to deal with them safely, so they should always do only what they are comfortable with.

  20. Great story and just goes to show you when you play telephone why a story gets so messed up. I also hope a lot of readers will really read this as it is not just about dogs [as i am sure you know] So many people for all the smarts we are to have [or think we have] are really out of touch with so many day to day things.
    But thank you for the story as many have stated i too would love to read a happy ending to this, as my 3 dogs and 1AfricannGreyy parrot love to go camping.

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