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Hanging out around a library wasn’t exactly one of the most exciting items on my list of things to do Monday.  But, it was President’s Day and we were not that far from the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Besides, admission is free on President’s Day and I have never been one to pass up free admission to anything.

In case you may have forgotten, Bill Clinton was our 42nd President serving two terms between 1992 and 2000.  While he may be best remembered for his shenanigans with a young White House aide, it was during his presidency that we reversed a climbing federal budget deficit and created nearly twenty-three million new American jobs.  No prior administration had overseen the creation of so many new jobs, or at such a rapid pace.

Entrance to the Clinton Library

The Clinton Presidential Library is situated in a new 30-acre city park located right on the edge of the Arkansas River in the revitalized River Market area of Little Rock.  While there is ample parking for visitors driving motor homes or other large RVs in the city park, the North Little Rock RV Park sits on the opposite side of the river.

Riverside RV Park at the end of the pedestrian bridge across the Arkansas River.

The newly renovated Rock Island Railroad Bridge is now open to pedestrian traffic allowing anyone staying at the RV Park to walk across the bridge to the library.  Nancy and I traveled the bridge in both directions and were awed by the magnificence of the structure and the views up and down the river from the center of the bridge.  This alone is a fantastic adventure.

Rock Island RR Bridge - now a pedestrian bridge

Inside the 20,000 square foot library, one quickly realizes that it is also a compelling museum displaying thousands of pieces of memorabilia and gifts to our country during Clinton’s presidency – complete with an authentic reproduction of the Oval Office and The Cabinet Room.  Just inside the front entrance of the library sits the 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood presidential limousine built exclusively for President Clinton’s daily use.  The protection and security systems on board this vehicle were designed by the Secret Service and represented state-of-the art equipment at the time it was built.  It took a team of skilled General Motors employees three years to complete at the Warren, Michigan plant.  Along with the limousine is a comprehensive display of Secret Service equipment used to protect the President as well as a history of the Secret Service.

Balcony view of 2nd floor inside library

We spent the better part of the afternoon walking through the open sections of the library and museum and, as usual, were far from finished looking and reading when we were told the library was closing and we would have to leave.

Outside the library, we marveled at the retro electric trolleys running on metal tracks down the middle of the streets and the beautiful architecture of the renovated 1899 Choctaw Station now housing the University Of Arkansas Clinton School Of Public Service.

It doesn’t make any difference if you are a Democrat or a Republican – even an Independent or member of the newly formed TEA Party.  The library is a must visit for anyone stopping over in the Little Rock area of Arkansas.

President Clinton in the nude - baby photo submitted by the President's Mother now on display.


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