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Snazzy Photos from Your Phone!

February 10, 2012 by · 1 Comment 


I have taken thousands of photos over the years while traveling. I treasure them all.

Recently, however, I have been using my iPhone 4S to snap lots of photos. Truth be told, I am amazed at the quality of photos that are taken.  I love the compact nature of my wonderful camera. Unlike my larger Nikon, I love the way this little “camera” can fit in my purse and even in my pocket. On countless trips, I have pulled my phone out of my pocket and snapped a moment in traveling time. I’ve photographed hors d’oeuvres while overlooking the Puget Sound. I’ve snapped jellyfish at low tide on the beach. I’ve documented special sections at an art exhibit. And, I’ve archived fabulous photos of my children while they are cavorting through life. 

With the help of an app or two, I am learning how to edit, crop, and caption these photos all within the palm of my hand. Yes, these phones are a huge investment, but for someone who loves to travel, document, communicate, and write while doing so, these little devices are positively priceless! So, do you use your phone to take photos while camping and traveling? Have you discovered any nifty apps or features? How do you store your photos and share them with others?

Photo by Melissa A. Trainer

–Melissa A. Trainer


One Response to “Snazzy Photos from Your Phone!”
  1. MrOAK says:

    I have three apps that I use to enhance the picture taking process on my iPhone.
    Camera Plus allows you to edit the pictures you take on the phone. I find that the iPhone is too small to do real editing but this app allows some basic editing.
    Photo Name allows you to add a title on your picture.
    Impression allows you to add a Watermark.

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