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Earn Money From Your RV–the Kindle Effect!

February 12, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 


As a follow-up, or perhaps an additional entry to complement my previous posts on publishing a book from your RV via’s Create Space division, I want to turn our attention to Kindle publishing. I have uploaded to Kindle two of the three books I have previously published, but not without a great deal of anxiety as I have little understanding of what I was doing and whether I was doing it properly. The end result was salable, but there were a few minor formatting glitches, some of which I corrected and some of which I left. The process and my angst over this process consumed a considerable amount of time.

Kindle Reader

Kindle Reader

As I was in the process of publishing my first book with Create Space, I noticed in a corner of the screen that they also offered the service of uploading your completed Create Space book to Kindle. Immediately this was appealing to me, but I was concerned about the price.  Upon inquiring, I learned that the cost for this service was a flat fee of $69. Given the amount of time I spent getting the others ready and uploaded, this seemed very reasonable to me. But I was a bit apprehensive about how much I would be involved in the process.

I ordered the service and provided my credit card for the charge. The following day, I received an email from my “Kindle Team” advising me to open a Kindle account, which I already had given my previous uploaded books, so there was nothing I had to do. A week later, I was informed that my “files” were being prepared for uploading and that my book was scheduled to be available on Kindle by January 26th.

I heard nothing from the Kindle Team in the meantime. On the morning of January 26, I emailed them (through Member Support) inquiring about our time frame. A bit later that day, I received an email that the 2nd edition of Romancing the Web was now available on Kindle. How about that for timely service? With no effort on my part and a one-time payment of $69, my book was available to Kindle purchasers. A good deal in my book!

The one glitch in the process would probably affect few others. When I went on to review the Kindle version of my book, I noted that the 2nd edition had been uploaded right over the 1st edition of Romancing the Web, one of the books which I had uploaded to Kindle. My initial plan had been to keep the first edition available and sell it at a lower price than the new version. When I inquired about why this was done this way and whether it could be reversed, I was informed that I could request to have the initial edition restored so it could remain available, but that typically is done this way so that the reviews and sales tracking #s follow the new edition of the book. With that in mind, I elected to leave the Kindle book as it is.

RTW perfect

A Perfectly Printed Product!

One final note: my last post about the Create Space copies I ordered indicated that 21 of the 30 copies I ordered had a defect on the front cover. The company had indicated they would replace those copies. I received that email on Monday, January 16th and on Wednesday January 18th, the replacement books arrived and were perfect! And, again, ALL of these money-making opportunities can be done on a part-time basis, right from your RV, provided you have access to wifi service, either your own or through the RV park you are staying in.

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