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Coffee On The Go…

February 3, 2012 by · 5 Comments 


So, what is your favorite way to crank out a hot cup of coffee while traveling, camping or RVing? I have used various methods and tools over the years. Yes, simply poking the button on my electric coffee maker in the kitchen of my travel trailer is my favorite way to brew when we are camping. It’s simple and convenient. And, I can do it without having to start a fire in the campsite fire ring! 

When we have camped at more remote locations or at sites that didn’t have full hookup, I often boil water on my gas stove and then use my insulated French press coffee pot purchased at REI. This method was really useful when we camped at Madison Campground at Yellowstone National Park. 

I am considering another option now that I have discovered the collapsible coffee filter cone.  Made by Classic Kitchen Basics, the silicone filter is compact and holds a paper filter. You simply place the cone over a cup, add the filter and the coffee and the pour boiling water over the coffee. The water slowly drips and a cup of hot coffee is created.  The filter itself is quite nifty because it collapses and saves precious space while traveling.  So, any tips for making coffee?

Photo by Melissa A. Trainer

–Melissa A. Trainer


5 Responses to “Coffee On The Go…”
  1. Laura Moncur says:

    What a waste of space! No coffee presses. No machines. All I use is the teapot and Folger’s Coffee Singles. You dip them like a tea bag in your cup and it tastes JUST like my coffee at home. So good and WAY more portable than all that other stuff.

  2. Corey says:

    Call me a coffee snob, but I can’t drink Folgers or any other freeze dried coffee. It tastes like dirt.

    I take a little spice grinder with me on trips. It is small, easy to to store, and is a multifunctional kitchen gadget. I buy nice coffee beans in bulk, grind ‘em, and use the cup/french press combo to make a GREAT, good-tasting cup of joe every time. Plus, I save a ton of money making my own coffee, rather than buying them from certain large corporate coffee shops!

    Melissa, I wouldn’t recommend the silicone filters. You can sometimes taste the silicone in the coffee.

  3. Debra Burns says:

    I just use a tablespoon of ground coffee, placed in an empty teabag (purchased at Mighty Leaf, or anywhere that sells loose tea). Tie or staple the top of the bag, and pour boiling water over it in the cup. It is fresh brewed coffee in your cup, no need to store a coffee press!

  4. ABrose says:

    Nothing beats the old fashioned coffee pot on the stove-perked to everyone’s preference!

  5. Why can't I see responses to this article when I press link?

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