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Let’s Talk About Socks!

January 15, 2012 by · 1 Comment 


Do you have a favorite sock that you enjoy wearing while hiking and camping? Do you like to wear a specific sock with your hiking boots? SmartWool socks are my favorite socks by a long shot!

I discovered these wool socks about five years ago. I purchased my first pair at the Eddie Bauer Outlet when I was on the Eastern Shore of  Maryland visiting my dad. The socks felt great! They offered extra support, especially around my arch.  The pair I purchased back then finally needed to be replaced, so I added Smart Wool socks to my little Christmas list. My husband kindly obliged and headed to REI to buy me some new ones. This year, I received their PhD high performance socks. Made from Merino wool, they are made specifically for a woman’s foot and they feel just great. They have extra cushioning in the heel and on the ball of the foot. And, the wool keeps my feet really warm.  Yes, they are quite pricey, but I figure I only have two feet,  so they are worth it!

Do you have a favorite sock for when you are camping? A dry sock, of course, is best, but I’d love to hear your opinions on SOCKS in general.

Photo by Melissa A. Trainer

–Melissa A. Trainer


One Response to “Let’s Talk About Socks!”
  1. Rebecca J. says:

    I think I can add here why this wool is “smart”, or at least what I know of “smart” wool from knitting. This wool can be washed, but will not shrink and will not felt. It should still retain its warming properties and all the other benefits of wool, and being merino, still be pretty sock and not too scratch and itch to most. These also look less bulky then “traditional” wool socks. They make a pretty decent layering sock if the outer sock doesn’t move and bunch up. Even with the support this type of sock offers, and I would love some pairs ;), I find my feet have issues with thin socks, they just can’t seem to understand them.

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