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January 18, 2012 by · 2 Comments 


I like saving money.

Do you like saving money?

Hey – I bet you think I am getting ready to front yet another insurance commercial.  You know, switch from Lizard to Mastodon, save $500 a year, then switch from Mastodon to Flogressive, and save even $500 more but if you come back to Lizard you can save even $385 more than Allstale, which is $275 lower than E-Assurance?

Nope – this one is for real and it can save you more than enough the next time you fill-up that big motor home fuel tank to buy you and the DW a nice lunch.

When I first saw the details I thought, “Yea – right, just another credit card trick to sock you with big interest rates”.

BUT WAIT! It is not one of those tricks at all.  This one is the real deal.

So, you ask, “Just how good is this money saving deal?”

Well, how about 11 to 14-cents a gallon off the pump price of diesel fuel – and this is not one of those limited purchase deals where you collect points by spending a couple of your pay checks on groceries.


First – be a Good Sam Club member.  If you camp frequently, you already know that annual membership dues are quickly recouped by the 10% discount on campsites at Good Sam Parks.  I have been a GS member since 1987 and have always saved more than my membership dues by showing my membership card at registration.  All of those campfire starting envelopes that constantly fill my mail box hawking insurance, road service, extended warranties, financing, etc, do get annoying after awhile – but, like I said, they make good fire starters!   Now that Good Sam and Camping World have partnered their clubs, you can get the 10% President’s Club discount without joining (and paying for) yet another club membership.

Second – apply for the new Pilot/Flying-J RV Plus card through the Good Sam Club. New GS members will then receive 5-cents per gallon diesel discount.  After a year, when your GS membership automatically becomes a DELUXE membership, your discount increases to 6-cents a gallon.  If you are a lifetime GS Club member your discount is 8-cents a gallon.  There are discounts for gasoline purchases as well, but at a lesser amount than diesel.


Pilot/Flying-J Travel Centers usually have a CREDIT price on diesel and a discounted CASH price that I have found to be at least 6-cents lower than the credit price.  When you use your Good Sam/Pilot-Flying-J RV Plus Card you get the CASH price PLUS the appropriate discount.  This is different than just the Pilot/Flying-J Frequent Fueler Advantage program or the RV Plus card and adds considerable time saving fueling convenience along with lower fuel prices.

Now, this is a really nice perk:  You DO NOT have to pay for your fuel when you fill up.  You use your new card, fill, and go – all from the pump.  You will get a statement for your fuel by the end of the billing cycle and you pay the bill from your on-line banking account or automatic debit within 15 days.  No need to use credit cards, pay debit fees or carry large amounts of cash.  You can read the card/billing terms here.


Need propane?  Get 10-cents off per gallon on bulk purchases.

Need to dump your holding tanks?  50% off the customary dump fee.

If you have a 20-gallon gasoline tank, this may not seem like much.  On the other hand, if you have a large motor home with a 150-gallon diesel tank – or twin 150-gallon tanks like we have – that 12-cents or more per gallon of diesel adds up in a hurry.  A “normal” fuel stop for 100 gallons of diesel returns $12.00 – enough for a decent lunch inside after your fill-up.  When traveling the Interstate highways, we typically find the lowest price on diesel fuel at truck stops anyway.  We also enjoy pull-thru fuel lanes without low overhead obstructions and sharp turns.  There is plenty of room you park your RV after refueling and you won’t get an inflated fuel price on the front end either.  The $1,000 to $2,500 monthly fuel credit limit allows significant fuel purchasing power over conventional credit and debit cards, which usually limit your single fuel purchase amount to $125.00 – or about 32 gallons at current fuel prices.

Pilot/Flying-J isn’t just for big trucks anymore.  They are extremely RV friendly and have even become 4-wheeler friendly.  Their facilities are clean, comfortable and offer a wealth of supplies and services – including private hot showers.

There is now an exceptional free app for both iPhones and Android OS called “My Pilot” that shows the location of over 500 Pilot Travel Centers and the current price of fuel.  I have it on my iPhone and give it five stars.

What to know something else?  This is not a paid advertisement. Woodall’s, Good Sam, Camping World or Pilot/Flying-J have not suggested or encouraged me to write this blog about them.  I am a real, honest-to-goodness satisfied customer that feels like something good is finally coming our way in RV travel discounts and amenities.

Some on-line criticism has been posted suggesting this program is just another “credit card” and is no different from the regular fuel discount program run by Pilot/Flying-J.  Critics should look carefully – the fuel discounts are higher than Pilot’s regular program.  Yes, the card is an extension of credit like any fuel company card and will require your SS# for application – just like most everything else where you must prove your credit standing.  The program may not satisfy everyone but it makes me a happy camper.



2 Responses to “I LIKE SAVING MONEY!”
  1. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Randy,
    WHAT IS THIS SOMETHING NEW??? YOU SAY THAT YOU ARE AN honest-to-goodness satisfied customer!!! I’ll believe the ‘SATISFIED’ part!!!! Hee hee!!!
    Boy, they needed to do something, only I don’t think it’ll bring as many back as they think.. People have already found OTHER SOURCES and WILL REMEMBER how they were treated during the TURNOVER!!! Not even my favorite pitchman could get me to go back!!!!!

  2. Don says:

    @ Butterbean Carpenter ; How about a little background on ” the turnover ” please . We are newbies to the travelling fellowship and are considering Good Sam , Flying J , Woodalls etc . What “other sources ” are available and for what purpose ?
    Many Thanks

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