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5 Tips When Visiting Texas

January 20, 2012 by · 7 Comments 


Texas: the Lone Star State. The only state to have been its own country first. Everything is bigger in Texas – from the towns and the open prairies, to the pine woods and the bayou country. Texas is so large and diverse, so where do you start? Here are five tips when to keep in mind while visiting Texas.

  1. Visit during the Spring or Fall – Summer in Texas is blistering. The panhandle breezes gust over sandy plains and tumbleweeds decorate the streets. The west side of Texas climbs to impressive temperatures on the mesas and the southern part boasts impressive humidity. Winters are mild, but drizzly, not exactly a perfect setting. However, spring in Texas is amazing. Around the hill country of Austin, bluebonnets (the state flower) propagate in wild blankets of blue-violet. Wildflowers beautify every inch of land. Spring approaches early in the southern portion of the state, so April and May are leading months to see the wildflowers. Fall doesn’t automatically mean changing of colors. Texas winters are so mild that trees commonly don’t change color at all. But when the weather starts to cool, customarily around the end of October, Texas comes alive. Festivals of all varieties spread across the state. Food is an essential at events, so be prepared to sample every variety of BBQ and chili known to man.
  2. Got a multicultural bent? Try Houston – The oil town Houston hosts  many different cultures and traditions. The largest city in Texas and the fifth biggest in the U.S., Houston has an energetic nightlife. The downtown and Galleria areas are seething with life until the wee hours of the morning. World-class restaurants and museums crowd the area. Watch out for the traffic however; they don’t call it the city of freeways for nothing.
  3. Like music? Try Austin – Known for its extensive mix of music and art, Keep Austin Weird is the slogan of the capital city. Not too big to be overpowering, Austin offers an assortment of entertainment scenes. The smaller neighboring cities also have countless things to see; especially the college towns. If you’re a history aficionado, visit the capitol building and learn a bit about the nation-within-a-nation. Keep your eyes open for a University of Texas/Texas A&M football grudge match.
  4. Like history? Try San Antonio – The river walk, the Alamo, the historic district; San Antonio loves its history. Vibrant Mexican dancers and products line the boardwalk, and the Alamo is something every person should see at least once. For the starry-eyed, San Antonio has the highest number of horse and carriages in the state. You can also drift down the river that bisects the town and take in the wonders that way.
  5. Visit the parks – Texas has a massive selection of parks to visit. All reasonably priced and open virtually any time, Texas parks offer adventures from swamp tours to cabins in the pines, and everything in between. The panhandle to the north is mostly plains; the center of Texas is gently rolling hills, the east piney woods, the west mesas and deserts, the south swamps and bayous. Pick an environment and take a peek at the parks in the area. Consider the ‘prime times’; most park sites let you know when the best time to visit is.

There you have it! Now choose a direction and get moving. Texas is a good deal more than cows and oil; it offers a plethora of adventures for any traveler. Whether you’re looking for peaceful scenery or you’re planning on clubbing it, Texas has something for everyone. And don’t worry about your outfit; boots and cowboy hats are not mandatory.

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Christine Kane, from internet service providers,  is a graduate of Communication and Journalism. She enjoys writing about a wide-variety of subjects for different blogs. She can be reached via email at: Christi.Kane00 @


7 Responses to “5 Tips When Visiting Texas”
  1. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Christine,

    Thank you, for a very informative article and for mentioning TEXAS A&M!!!! You did fail to mention, as so many Austinites do, that Texas has the second largest and the MOST BEAUTIFUL CANYON COMPLEX
    in the United States of America!!!! All of West Texas is NOT HOT, DRY, FLAT PLAINS, as you described,
    but is an area of diverse beauty, in prairies, mountains, canyons, cities, small historical towns, ghost
    towns, museums, universities, lakes, golf courses, etc., etc.,etc….. Yes, Christine, there is something
    OUTSIDE OF THE I-35 CORRIDOR and West of the so-called Metroplex!!!

  2. Thank you for your comment Butterbean Carpenter. I agree that West Texas has some beautiful places. However I did say describe it as having “the west mesas and deserts”, not plains. :)

  3. You have given good tips really. Visiting Texas in summer is good. You can see the following attractions:

    Panhandle Plains
    Big Bend Country
    Prairies & Lakes
    South Texas Plains
    Gulf Coast

  4. Brandi says:

    We live in the Texas Panhandle and have all our lives. Yes, the wind blows (sometimes gusty up to 40, 50 +…but that’s not daily…usually, lol. so be careful those of you traveling with trailers.), but don’t let that deter you. Some of our Texas Panhandle things to see…Palo Duro Canyon in Canyon, TX (come in the summer and see the musical, hike, bike, bird watch), LAke Fryer in Perryton, TX, CAprock Canyon near Tulia, TX. We and our 3 kids adore these places and they’re just a hop-skip for us.

  5. Tom says:

    Lets expand the seasonal thinking beyond spring and fall. Sure, they are great seasons to be in Texas but the other seasons also have their fans.

    You say Texas is blistering hot in summer, that is why we have the Gulf Coast! There are great beaches and fishing all along the Gulf Coast year round. Behind Alaska, Florida and California, the Texas mainland has the fourth largest coastline in the US. Add in the additional miles of coastline on Padre Island and we can even beat California.

    The northern version of south Texas may be swamps and bayous but the true south Texas is the Rio Grande Valley. With a latitude about 26 degrees north of the equator, similar to southern Florida, we have mild winters and some of the best bird watching in the US. Thousands of winter Texans enjoy spending the winter where the natives are friendly and the temperature today, February 15, 2012 is a comfortable 75 degrees. The cost of living will more than offset any additional travel expenses for the additional miles to get here.

  6. janel says:

    I would love to visit Texas. We need to get rid of all our stuff first. What’s the best way to do that

  7. Thank you very much for useful information .Texas is such a beautiful place for camping and having a great enjoyment. I have gone to Texas last year. Great place!!!!

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