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Spending Christmas at the RV

December 14, 2011 by · 3 Comments 


Last week-end, my son Jérémy asked his dad if we could go spend Christmas at the RV this year.   My husband likes the thought of it considering the weather we have in Ontario, Canada since we closed the RV for the winter season back in October…

To be honest, it is almost tempting to drive up that day just to say we were there on Dec 25th.  Tomorrow, which will be Dec 15th by the way, the temperature announced for Ottawa, ON is about 9 degree Celsius which is about  48.2 Fahrenheit.

I know we won’t drive to our campsite that week and deep down I am hoping to have a white Christmas but this year waves of temperature made us seriously think about the fact that all campground in our province closes during the long week-end in October which is our Thanksgiving week-end.     We could have spent more week-end at our “cottage” like my mother-in-law calls it.

We could have fish more, explore the woods more, see the wildlife slowly going to sleep…  So many opportunities that were lost because campgrounds are closing so early.    It would be nice to have the flexibility of being able to go longer depending of the years…   But I will admit that it is not an easy thing to predict – the weather that is.

Who would have known that this year we wouldn’t have snow on Dec 14 yet?   Oh we did have some snow coming down a couple of times, but honestly not much so far…   Twice the boys went to shovel the driveway for daddy in the morning.   But within a day it was all gone – melted.

So with the crazy temperatures we will get today and tomorrow, I am somewhat wishing we could go to the trailer and have fun on Christmas day.   Seeing all the green around almost makes me want to go on an adventure with my family.

How will you spend your Christmas this year?   Will you be on the road with your RV or at home with family?  Please share where you will be on Christmas Day.   Us? As tempting to go to the RV could be, we will visit family on Christmas Day.


3 Responses to “Spending Christmas at the RV”
  1. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy LB,

    As the temps around here are in the 30s-60sF we’ll just do our work as usual and if anybody shows up we’ll faint and fall over!!!!!!!! Nobody’s coming and we don’t plan on going and our RV is sitting in front of the house…


  2. Dan says:

    Well we decided to do just that. We are traveling in our motor home for Christmas and currently are in Cuba, Missouri traveling from our home in upper Michigan. We have a tree decorated (3′ pre-lit), a fireplace ( electric space heater with “realistic” flames) and are enjoying a cup of egg-nog (soy nog with a bit of rum), along with a large Santa, snowman, and wrapped gifts on the dash! It is near 50 degrees and rainy but still very enjoyable. We may opt for more winter camping if it all continues as well as it has!

  3. Grampa Jim says:

    This season will be our first Christmas as full timer rv’ers, and we’re excited about it. We sold our house this past August and are living in the Corps of Engineer Parks between San Antonio and Ft Worth, Texas. We’re presently at Lake Georgetown just north of Austin where most of our daughters and grandkids live. Therefore, we’ll be spending Christmas Eve with them all. So,,,,,we have the best of two worlds blessing us. Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful people out there. Jim

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