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Valdez is for Campers, RVers, and Adventurers!

November 30, 2011 by · 2 Comments 


Photo by Michael De Young/ATIA

Are you planning a road trip to Alaska? Are you thinking of traveling to and camping in America’s Last Frontier next summer? If so, then I would like to suggest adding Valdez to the itinerary.

I must admit that I haven’t been there myself, but it was on my “to do” list when we lived in Anchorage about five years ago.  Unfortunately, we got sidetracked with other destinations that summer, but when I was at the Alaska Media Road Show in Santa Barbara about a month ago, I was fortunate to meet with Colleen Stephens while I was there. Colleen is from the Valdez Convention and Visitors Bureau. She seemed to know exactly what I was interested in!

Colleen explained that Valdez caters to campers! I was really happy to hear this because camping in Alaska can take a fair amount of initiative and organization. I know this because I’ve done it many times myself! Colleen explained that Valdez has many RV sites around town and that many of the sites are set up to help campers enjoy the beauty of the area around them. She explained that when it comes to RV travel in America’s Last Frontier,  you can not find a more perfect destination because Valdez boasts more RV sites than hotel rooms!  That statistic certainly perked me up!  Colleen also told me that many of the RV parks facilitate tour bookings  and even assist with animal care while you are out exploring!

A few weeks after we met, Colleen followed up with links and a list of local resources. Her resources included these RV parks plus a link to the official site for Valdez.

Eagles Rest RV Park 

Bear Paw RV Park

Bay Side RV Park

Chena RV Park 

Bear Creek

Valdez Glacier Campground

–Melissa A. Trainer


2 Responses to “Valdez is for Campers, RVers, and Adventurers!”
  1. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Melissa,

    If you want to really SEE Valdez and lots of BEAUTIFUL pics go to Dennis & Carol’s RV Adventures blog
    Day 18, or the rest of their blog for Alaska 2011.. For anyone wanting to go UP THERE this WILL inspire you!!!! He gives camping( Class A large) info from the 49th latitude to Denali!!! Even ‘you’ will be ‘itch-
    ing’ for another look at Alaska… This is a ‘bio/blog’, so there are a lot of pics of the group… Dennis has
    an amazing ‘canon’ of a camera and does wonders with it!!!

  2. David Grover says:

    If you like to go camping in COMFORT, I suggest you buy yourself (or as a gift for some one else) a one man hammock tent! Hammock tents are awesome because you don’t need to remove rocks and sticks where you are going to camp because the tent keeps you comfortably up in the air suspended between two trees or polls!

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