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Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: West Glacier, Montana’s KOA; it’s not Glacier Park, but it’s cool!

September 25, 2011 by · 4 Comments 


We northwestern Montanans are privileged to claim Glacier National Park as our personal backyard. Read more about Montana campgrounds and things to do in Montana.
And the more boorish among us are pretty quick to let the entire world in on that…hence, this blog from your resident Woodall’s boor.

A couple of weeks ago the Brazil Nut (a/k/a “my husband”) and I were heading up to Glacier and decided to swing through the KOA just outside the Park .Search for a national park.
We stopped on a whim: I mean, how could a KOA compare with anything in Glacier Park? What could a KOA have to offer that the many lovely campsites at Glacier don’t already have? Turns out, plenty…especially if you like a resort atmosphere, enough going on for young and older kids to keep whining at bay, and a good restaurant if you (or your family) are burned out on making dinner after traipsing around all day. We couldn’t stay overnight, but I can share how beautiful and clean everything was, and what local lore has to say about the KOA:

The West Glacier KOA is like a resort because its atmosphere feels exclusive, yet it’s open and welcoming to all. It has received the KOA Campground of the Year award, the KOA Founders award and the KOA President’s Award.
The grounds and scenery are awesome, befitting an RV park that is only 2.5 miles from the west entrance of Glacier National Park, and the world’s finest rafting, hiking, horseback riding, and fishing ( I think). Overall, the West Glacier KOA has done things in such a way that each cabin and RV site seems special and upscale in its own right; small but mighty. Check it out yourself on this video the Brazil Nut made.

Touring days are tiring days, both indoors and out. I love this KOA because you come home to a playground with a cool basketball court. This matters if you’ve had to keep your children somewhat tethered all day. Even Glacier Park has rules and expectations and kids just can’t be maniacs. It’s nice to come back to a park like this with an outdoor heated pool and hot tubs so everyone can unwind. I like their game room; it’s great for the arcade freaks of all ages. On to what matters most….food.

I don’t know about other women, but I absolutely hate coming home after a touring day, and hearing everyone asking me “What’s for dinner?” …unless I had the crock pot going all day. The West Glacier KOA has a terrific restaurant. They serve all kinds of breakfasts and the prices are pretty good. For example, they offer two eggs, bacon, and toast for $5.75. It’s not cheap, but it’s competitive with the area.

They offer things like a mountain trout dinner for $ 11.95 (includes two side dishes) and Flat Iron steak for $12.95. I haven’t eaten there, but some of my local buddies have, and they say it’s quite good. The restaurant serves cheesecake for dessert, but I’d put my money on SCOOPS, West Glacier’s KOA ice-cream shop; the ice cream was good! As in, real good and real close to the RVs. Better not come if you’re on a major weight loss campaign.

I think KOA is spendy. But, like many things in life, you get what you pay for, and maybe you don’t get a chance to come to Montana very often. So live it up! Check out the West Glacier KOA website and see what you think. We plan on heading up to the West Glacier KOA very soon, because there is no place like Montana’s great outdoors in September and October. Maybe you should come, too.

Happy tales,



4 Responses to “Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: West Glacier, Montana’s KOA; it’s not Glacier Park, but it’s cool!”
  1. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Patti & BN,

    I sure like to come to see what it is your so excited about !!!!!! Maybe next year… Hope the kids better…

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Harold Jennett Jr says:

    From the video I saw of all the Glacier campsites, the looked anything but lovely

    re:Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: West Glacier, Montana’s KOA; it’s not Glacier Park, but it’s cool!

    They looked dark and gloomy and were in many cases just a place to park next to the road. Looked very muddy also. We canceled our trip after seeing the campsites.

  3. Patti F. says:

    Hello Skip, and thank you so much for writing. It’s great hearing from you.

    Regarding gloomy campsites…are you referring to the West Glacier KOA in my embedded video or videos of Glacier National Park and its campsites?

    Yes, Glacier National Park can be gloomy at times…it’s all those dang trees, I guess! And you’re right, the campsites in Glacier Park can be on the dark side, since most of them are located in serious old growth forest. However, I still think they’re gorgeous because they are what they are…heavy forest!

    I do think the West Glacier KOA is open, airy, and light…maybe a person could park and camp there, and just go visit Glacier Park during the day.

    If you have more thoughts, Skip, I’ d love to read them.

    Happy tales, Patti

  4. Patti F. says:

    Hi Butterbean, and yes, you should get up to Montana sometime. It’s a great place to put on your bucket list. Our son is doing better…he seems to be enjoying the change in stability, as we stay put in a house for awhile. Sigh… WE’ll see how this bodes for our RVing future. I’m not sure yet, but I’ll keep everyone posted. We may have been premature about some decisions we made in the last year and whose needs we were putting first…ahem…

    But, for now, I’m happily inventing my version of a Mulligatawny stew….I’ll be posting the results!

    Happy tales,


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