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September 29, 2011 by · 9 Comments 


The air smells magnificently crisp and clean.  There is no trace of the usual smog or exhaust fumes.  When I take a deep breath and fill my lungs full, I feel refreshed and stronger.

The sky is dark blue.  Only a few cumulus clouds move across the horizon.  The temperature is a perfect 78 degrees and the sun gently warms my exposed skin.

There is no noise – no cars, no trucks, no boom boxes, or sirens.  The only sounds I hear are the ocean waves breaking onto the sand in front of me.  No, wait – that was a seagull calling out as it flew overhead.

Moments ago, I was kicking the light brown sand with my toes as I walked to my reclining chair next to a small tidal pool.

I brought a cold drink with me.  It sits at my right so a smooth movement brings the cool amber liquid to my lips. My doggie, Oscar, is digging in the sand to my left – his leash in my lap. Nancy is further to my right enjoying a book downloaded to her Kindle.

The book I have in front of me is thrilling.  I am immersed in the story trying to second-guess the author as to who is the story’s murderer.

The breeze coming in from the sparkling ocean in front of me tosses my hair in all directions.  I don’t care – at the moment my appearance is not something I am concerned with.

This is the carefree life of a millionaire – someone that can afford to escape to a secluded tropical island and ignore the hectic pace of the real world.

But – wait a minute.  I am not a true millionaire.  Yet, at this very moment, I not only feel like a millionaire but I am enjoying the picture perfect life I see in the movies or on TV that portray a millionaire.

How is it possible to be experiencing a Champagne life on a beer budget?

It is actually a simple answer.  All we need is the mobility of an RV and the freedom that allows us to go where we want on any day (or days) we feel like going,

If you have not already figured it out, I am sitting on the sand at Virginia Beach .  It is early Wednesday afternoon at the end of September and the summer crowds are gone.

The roads are free of heavy traffic and congestion.  Parking is easy to find – even for a big truck.  All of the shops on the main drag have their wares marked down to half of their summer price.  We can walk into a restaurant; receive immediate seating and our meal post haste.

Our campsite at the Holiday Trav-L-Park is wide open with no other campers packed up against us.  It is almost like having our very own private camping resort.


I think I have figured out what this retirement thing is really all about!




  1. Laura says:

    Your post made me smile! Enjoy the good life, love your attitude, you are indeed rich!

  2. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Randy,
    How come no weather report on VB website, hah?? Itz raining everywhere else over there…

    It hasn’t stopped raining on DelMarva since the first of September, according to Froggi.. and she can’t ride her Harley in the rain.. she just had it polished!!!

    You got the right idea though professor; sit on the beach with the dog and WIFE, sipping cool refreshment and reading a book, until you fall asleep and get burned….

    I thought you had a middle -size tractor!!! THATZ THE REAL ENCHILADA!!!!!!!!

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes!!!!!!!!

  3. POBoy says:

    Isn’t retirement great?!!! Most of our beach time is on the sugar white sands, by the emerald green waters of the Florida panhandle but the beach is great anywhere – and yes, it’s the millionaire’s life for almost nothing!

  4. Professor95 says:

    Quote: butterbean carpenter “I thought you had a middle -size tractor!!! THATZ THE REAL ENCHILADA!!!!!!!!”

    Hey Butterbean! Sorry about the overly wet weather. We had a storm Wednesday night, but it is all gone now. Yes, the tractor is a class 8. 12.1 L diesel churning out 1,800 foot pounds of torque. We love it and definitely feel safer than we did in our PU. Thanks for your comments.

    Thanks to POboy and Laura as well for taking the time to respond. It helps to know that somebody is reading our material :)

  5. Gail Duykers says:

    I always read your material! You have such a way with words. I love your tractor. My husband and I used to team drive a KW slant nose like that with a double bunk in the back, TV, microwave, fridge. That is what got us turned on to RVing. The only trouble is that the truck used to pay for itself when we traveled, unlike the RV. But I wouldn’t trade back for anything. I much prefer being able to drive for a hundred miles and then stop and spend a couple of days on the beach or wherever else we want to stop. No more deadlines and loading docks to deal with. Enjoy your millionaire lifestyle for a very long time!

  6. Jim says:


    Did you add a tag axel to your TV?
    Your last post shows a single axel this one a double.

  7. Professor95 says:

    Nothing is static with the Volvo. It is always undergoing some type of change or modification. I love the opportunity to adapt the vehicle to our specific needs. The center axle, or power divider, is coming out. It is not needed and creates drag in tight turns. Eliminating the axle will soften the suspension and improve mileage. My plan is to “single” long rather than short. I want to keep the 11′ bed length for carrying things like the golf cart or possibly a “Smart”. Of course, we are now privileged to be able to create before and after images so we know what we will have from a visual perspective before we get out the torch and saw. I inadvertently selected an “after” image in a recent posting from my photo library – sorry.

  8. d2reid says:

    As I sit by the fire on this cool Georgia night I reflect back on our first year of retirement. Gone are the headaches and stomach troubles caused by stress. The waist line has shrunk. The energy levels are up. Our income is 1/3 of what it was last year, yet, we are much happier. We have friends that tell us we should have continued the grind until we had enough… but then sometimes less is more…

  9. Jackie says:

    You are so right about enjoying the good life on a beer budget. My husband Kevin and I are always saying “Location, Location is what the best thing about our RV life”. You and many others are showing the way. We are not retired yet but do take advantage of any time off to travel. Continue to enjoy the good life.

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