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A Wonderful Carriage Ride Through Northern Michigan

September 1, 2011 by · 1 Comment 


While workamping at Thunder Bay RV & Golf Resort, my husband and I experienced the Award winning Elk Viewing Carriage Ride, Gourmet Dinner & Wine Tasting!


Slow meander through quiet woods, comfortable in a roofed red carriage built on-site by Lead Teamster, Alan. His massive Percheron draft horses, a magnificent sight, make their way from suites and villas to the Grill, stopping along the way to pick up guests.

Everyone now on board, we cross the Resort’s 18 hole golf course to head into the woods in search of sometimes elusive deer and elk. Our heads turn from the waving golfers to the trees ahead. Look, A wild deer!

Our guide shares history – of Rocky Mountain Elk and Thunder Bay Resort. We learn what dangers they have historically faced, what antlers in velvet is, what determines antler size and majesty – and when they shed. Perhaps you can stump our guide with a question, I couldn’t, but then, they are quite knowledgeable. We found Elk gathered at a shaded pond on the hill. Will you? I do hope you bring your camera and get the shot I missed. When stopped beside the pond, a buck turned to stare. Mesmerized, I forgot to click. Just seeing those Elk up close was worth the ride, but there was more.

Around a bend – a striking log cabin. Grab your camera again. If the smell of your gourmet dinner cooking on two antique wood stoves doesn’t make you too hungry for even a quick pose, hand your camera to your guide. He will take a picture of you beside the towering Percheron.

Jan, your hostess/cook/teller of stories, mastered those stoves long ago. No beans and franks or hamburgers on the grill tonight! It’s a gourmet dinner and wine tasting. Which wine will be your favorite appetizer wine, dinner wine, or, yum, desert wine? Don’t drink wine? You have other choices. Oh, if you are Vegan, Gluten-free, or have other dietary needs, mention it when you make your reservations; Jan will make you something special – and yummy. (She did for me!)

What will you think of the Elk imitation Jack did, blowing on the bugle? If you close your eyes were you back in the forest? Did you know antlers weighed so much? Or see so many beautiful antiques in a restroom? The evening is not yet over. We ride back through the woods seeking evening’s wildlife.

I’m smiling. So are the other guests. Everyone made us feel so welcome, we ate so much great food, the woods were peaceful, the Elk were amazing animals. We will go again when trees are in fall splendor. Where did the night go? The soft clop clop of hooves on asphalt means we are almost back to civilization.

Better upload our pictures tonight, golfing tomorrow.

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One Response to “A Wonderful Carriage Ride Through Northern Michigan”
  1. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy GB,

    Sounds to me like y’all had a pretty nifty time!!! Forgetting to ‘shoot’ a pic is still ‘ buck-fever’ !!

    All of the pics provided were very good … Percherons are some of my favorite hosses…

    Glad you are having a great summer ‘workamping’…

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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