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Our cottage on the road

August 30, 2011 by · 5 Comments 


There are many advantages to have an RV.   The main one would be to have your home on the road with you when you travel.  It helps you save money because you don’t have to stay in hotel (which can be expensive for a family of six) and you don’t have to go to restaurants all the time.

But today I want to highlight another advantage of owning an RV.    Recently, we attended a wedding with our four kids.  Our youngest, Jasmine, was the flower girl.   The wedding was being held on the Quebec side about 1 hour 45 minutes from our home.   We needed to be there on the Friday for the rehearsal and on Saturday for the wedding itself.

We had permission to bring the RV with us and park it next to the house where the wedding was happening.   They had rented a farm and had access to it for a few days before the wedding.    So on Thursday my husband drove to our campsite and went to get the RV.   Let me specify to you that parking a 30 foot RV on our driveway is not an easy task as we have a sidewalk.   We can’t leave it on the street either as we had the surprised to get a ticket once –make that twice if you count the time the tongue of the RV was on a sidewalk.

My husband had decided earlier this summer to remove our lamp post as we have a city lamp post between our house and one of our neighbors.    So he proceeded to remove the lamp post in front of our house since it was barely used.    Then he got the idea of trying to park our RV across our driveway and part of our grass.   Can it be done?  He tried it out and interestingly enough he was able to do it.   We are not on the road and definitively not on the sidewalk…  no problem.  The only issue is that part of the end of the RV is shading the grass on our other neighbor.   We told them that we were leaving the next day and they had no problem with it.   Sweet!

And if you look at the picture on the left side you will see that my husband even pushed it to the point we could park our two vehicles on our driveway as well… (our garage is currently non accessible at this moment!)

We were able to pack the RV without worrying for complaints and drove the next day to the wedding site.    We had a little adventure going there as we took a different turn at one point and decided to follow the GPS.   Don’t do that.   Take the time to turn around if you can and go back on track.   We ended driving on a gravel road for quite some time.   No way to turn around.   Not enough space to allow another vehicle to pass next to us if needed.   We were stressed for a while but ended coming out of it.  OUF!

Having the RV with us, allowed us to let the kids nap if needed, sleep peacefully with having to go back home in the middle of the night and have some much needed space for the groom and his men to change on the wedding day.  Being there those two days also allowed us to serve the family and help in any shape or form needed.  In the end, it was a major blessing to be able to bring the RV with us for this event and my daughter was a beautiful flower girl.

In two years, there is a family reunion on my husband side.   We are thinking of going and we will bring the RV.   We just need to have a generator to be on site of the family reunion.  If not, we might park at a campsite nearby.


5 Responses to “Our cottage on the road”
  1. Richard says:

    As an ex-Realtor I can tell you that I am glad I do not own a house in your neighborhood or have a listing in you neighbor hood. That trailer in your front yard is lowering prices. Can you immagine it if 7 or 8 of your neighbors all squeezed RV’s in the front yards how it would look?

    Not trying to make you feel bad just hoping you would think about it.

  2. Richard says:

    Re-read your post.
    I guess you are only parking it there temp.

    Sorry about my post but I hate it when you go into a neighborhood and see rv’s all over the place.

  3. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy ladybug,

    Good thinking and you are right; you and your husbands daughter looks absolutely adorable..
    If I’m thinking as a realtor; Richard is right; but evidently he IS NOT AN RVr.. How about moving vans
    that take up the whole street(realtors LOVE them.. Rvs can be part of a neighborhood without adding clutter… They improve some neighborhoods!! Glad you had a wonderful time..

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Richard,

    We only bring the RV at our home when we need to prep it for a longer trip. We do not park it there permanently. It usually takes a day or two to do so. But having being nailed with tickets from the City we had to figure out a way to not get any in the future… that’s why my husband removed our lamp post on our yard (which was totally useless since we have the city one as well) and decided to try to park it temporarily for a day.

    It works fine and our neighbors are understanding. My husband even impressed one of them by parking our truck as well as the car once the trailer was in. The tires were marked by a city employee so we didn’t want to take any chances…

  5. There are a lot of RVs in our neighborhood during the summer time… Mostly pop-out trailers but a few bigger ones as well. I think ours is the biggest though…

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