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From Tacoma to Nashville, RV Repairs Slowed Us Down, But Didn’t Stop Us From Having a Great Experience

August 18, 2011 by · 1 Comment 


(Guest Blog Post by Bob Kasprzak)

My trip from Tacoma to Nashville has been plagued by repairs that have cost us a months delay. But the people who repaired out vehicle were excellent, cost efficient and timely.

We traveled from Tacoma to Zion to Albuquerque to Nashville, TN in our 1986 Mini Winnie. We stopped at 1000 lakes Campground in Torre, UT to get a leaky tire fixed. The owners brother, ‘Biggie’, operates an RV repair service next to the campground. He repaired our problem, a frozen wheel axle quickly and at a very reasonable price. Just outside of Memphis an passing motorist notified us that we had a trailer problem and I pulled over to find the tire in shreds. Our road service insurance took us to a local Walmart where I bought two new larger tires and changed them in the parking lot at 10PM. Once we arrived in Nashville, our transmission quit working and ‘Mr. Transmission’ came to our rescue, fixed the tranny in one day again at a decent price. We found a RV repair shop outside of Nash ville and started repairing all kinds of annoying problems – leaky water holding tank, noisy AC compressor, bad toilet, bad light fixtures, etc. – at Tutor RV Repair. Once again, excellent work and a very reasonable price! We now have a New Used RV! Great people, deserving of anyone’s business.

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One Response to “From Tacoma to Nashville, RV Repairs Slowed Us Down, But Didn’t Stop Us From Having a Great Experience”
  1. Jon says:

    I hate it when problems like that happen…but not much you can do except hope for the best!

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