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Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: Montana’s Whitefish RV Park: “Keep it secret! ”

July 16, 2011 by · 8 Comments 


Watch video of Whitefish RV Park

“Keep it secret!” I had just told our awesome neighbors at the Whitefish RV Park I was writing a blog for Woodall’s about Whitefish RV…they begged me not to. And I confess that selfishly…I’m torn. Whitefish RV Park is one of those jewels that once discovered, everyone fears the next guy will discover it, too…and the next guy, and the next guy, until the mine is empty.

Lucky for you, ethics prevailed over selfishness, so I now present to you, Whitefish RV Park, Whitefish, Montana. Ta dah! Not only is it idyllic, but it’s our very first home as we begin our full time RVing life, so we’re especially thrilled. Wow. What a place. Jeff and Susie Jensen, the owners, don’t do “adequate.” They do great.

Being an an RV rookie (hence, the title of my blog), I don’t have many RV parks with which to compare, but I have read billions of RV park reviews and talked with as many experienced RVers. I’ve learned very few RV parks are like Whitefish RV.

Here’s why Whitefish RV Park is so awesome:

1) Trees everywhere! It’s shady, lovely, homey, very Montana-y. Five deer just sauntered though some empty sites. You should have seen the citified children’s faces light up! Whitefish RV Park is like camping in Glacier National Park only with full hookups, Wi-Fi and you can walk to Pizza Hut and Army Navy (and downtown, if you’re not lazy). I do it. I bet you can. A few sites have less shade than others, so if that’s an issue, mention it when making reservations. I need shade.
2) 57 sites (14 pull- throughs) and 49 have full hook-ups (30 and 50 amps). It also has its own dump station. The park is just right. Small, but big enough.
3) Restrooms, showers and laundry facilities are VERY clean, well-maintained, and miraculously, seldom busy…Must be all those folks with washer/dryers in their own RVs, unlike yours truly. Dan, the guy that maintains and oversees things all day, checks on them constantly.
4) Tent and bicycle group friendly. There’s room for 20 tents, and the tenters aren’t made to feel like a recently- released poor relative’s illegitimate offspring. The tenters here, like everyone else, are thrilled the place is terrific and happily uphold Whitefish RV’s reasonable standards.
5) Free Internet-Wi-Fi available that works just dandy. I heard they’re adding an even higher powered broadcast antennae in a couple of weeks.
6) Free Cable TV on all sites. Hooray…I love “King of Queens.”
7) Pets are welcome…BUT great is my joy that the park insists pets are leashed and supervised always. And barking is out of the question. Wahoo! Barking is the worst! This is a quiet, peaceful, happy place; the kind of place where people pick up a bottle cap if they see one, as well as their dog’s gifts to the world. For the record, I love dogs and cats. I’ve had five Springer Spaniels and about 100 mutts, as well as several cats. I loved my pets obsessively and maniacally. But I don’t love lazy, irresponsible pet owners.
8) Kid friendly…again, just as with pets, it’s expected the “owners’ will take care of things! This RV park has standards that result in people actually liking kids again, like in the old days. Such as, children are to be accompanied by adults in restrooms and showers. At Whitefish RV Park children are not “entitled” to destroy others’ peace and joy just because they’re little. People of all ages matter here. If your kids are out of control, this may not be the RV park for you. But Whitefish RV Park has a swing set, the kids ride their bikes and scooters around the loop, they play badminton and have real fun. It’s an old concept reborn: give children boundaries, the children behave, and the whole family emerges feeling better about who they are because of all the compliments they get! Not that I have an opinion on this topic…

I’m trying to think of any way this RV park could be improved. My husband mentioned he had to get an extension to reach our sewer hose (but that’s because we wanted to back further into the site than most would, in order to maximize the wonderful shade). But that’s the only negative we can dredge up. Not a big deal!

I’ll sign off with what my neighbor on the other side told me (he, too, suggested we keep this place secret): “I’ve been to most RV parks between here and the Seattle, and this is by far the nicest.”

Happy tales, and I hope your summer is going like mine, and there are some nice sites available here.



8 Responses to “Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: Montana’s Whitefish RV Park: “Keep it secret! ””
  1. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Patti,

    IF, we ever get to Montana..WHITEFISH HERE WE COME !!!! (notice I sed IF). This is a very good campground recommendation… Thank you…

    Have a wonderful summer and enjoy full-timing, as best as you can…

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Patti F. says:

    And Butterbean, IF you ever get to Montana, let us know you’ll be in the area! You just never know!

    Happy tales, Patti

  3. elaine kreamer says:

    Patti – love your blogs! How far from is it from Whitefish to the Canadien border and do you know what is on the other side?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


  4. Patti F. says:

    Hello Elaine, and how great to hear from you! Yes, the Canadian border, at the Roosville crossing, is about 50 miles from Whitefish.

    And on the other side? Glorious, lovely, clean, awesome British Columbia, Canada! Fernie is the first big town. My next blog is about the joys of things to do in Canada near Whitefish, Montana so I hope you check back for that.

    If you go to Canada from Whitefish there’s a lot to explore in British Columbia. Whitefish to Fairmont Hot Springs, BC (great place!) is about a three and a half hour drive/177 miles and the police really really really stick to the exact speed in Canada….I learned the hard way, and I am a slow driver! I’ll blog about British Columbia, Canada soon. On your way to Fairmont, Fernie is a nice little stop, as well.

    Happy tales, Elaine,


  5. christina says:

    Whitfish RV park sounds amazing, I hope that soon I can make it out that way. I don’t own an RV as of yet but I hope to get one in the near future. I love your blogs, keep up the good work.

  6. Patti Faustini says:

    Thank you, Christina! If you do consider making a trip to Montana, drop me a line. I know stuff!
    Happy tales, Patti

  7. lorrie & don says:

    We were in Whitefish a couple of summers ago and what a great town. We didn’t stay at that campground, however we did stay at the American Legion there and met some lovely people. Really enjoyed the town. As a matter of fact, celebrated our anniversary there; had dinner at a nice Italian restaurant , sorry, can’t remember the name. Happy trails!

  8. Patti F. says:

    Hello Lorrie and Don, it’s great hearing from you…and that you were in Whitefish! Was the Italian restaurant Mambo’s? I’m glad you had a great time during your visit. You should come back for another anniversary!

    Happy Tales,


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