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Goldenrod Kisses

June 27, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 


Ah!  The memories…   Three years ago, in 2008, I was able to share something from my youth with my own kids.  I can’t believe it has been three years already and we are way overdue to go back there for the delicious Salt Water Taffy that the Goldenrod makes in York Beach – Maine.

When I was younger, my parents would travel to Maine to camp.   We would also go shopping in the outlets around the area.  But my favorite place was the Goldenrod.   I would watch through the windows them making the taffy with a watering mouth.

And when we were driving from Pennsylvania to Prince-Edward Island in 2008, we were able to stop and visit the Goldenrod, and share that experience with our kids.

The Goldenrod is a restaurant, homemade ice cream shop and (you guessed) a candy store.    It has been located next to Short Sands Beach since 1896.  When you go there, you can stand for a long time, observing the candy maker doing the salt water taffy from beginning to the end.   Seeing the machines and observing is a great way to learn how they are made.   And while you watch with your eyes, your nose can’t stop smelling the wonderful aroma coming from the store… eventually  your feet will bring you in, your ears will hear the machine going and your hands will touch the delicious candy and your mouth will have an explosion of flavor!   All your senses will experience the making of a salt water taffy from the Goldenrod.

If you can travel towards this marvelous place, visit their website and they will explain to you how the candies are made!

The kisses comes in twelve flavors – peppermint, molasses mint, lime, wintergreen, licorice, blueberry, peanut butter, maple walnut, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and molasses.   You can order online on their website as well.   Please note that shipping is made from June through September only.

Seeing my kids watching how they made the candies was a delight in my heart.  I always hoped to be able to share things from my past with them and it happened with this trip we made.   I plan to go back because my daughter was only 6 months old back then.   I was able to see the sparkle in her eyes as she watched the machines and the people making their kisses.

We have since tried different kinds of salt water taffy but they never were as good and yummy as the ones we bought at the Goldenrod.    Every now and then we recall the sweetness and the delicious sensation we had while eating the Goldenrod Kisses. Oh I wish I had some in our house at this moment!  *sigh*

If you are able to go to York Beach, Maine – take the time to find the Goldenrod and watch how they make their kisses.  You won’t be disappointed.

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