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Relaxation and Camping…

April 10, 2011 by · 2 Comments 


How do you relax while camping? How do you relax while camping with children?

My husband and I have been camping for a long time with children in tow, so I know exactly how much effort it takes to pack the gear, organize the meals, hook up the camper, drive to a destination, park the camper (!!)  and then set up camp. Over the years, I’ve learned that some of our most relaxing trips have taken place at seaside locations. There’s something about the beach that soothes my soul.  Of course, the beach experience here in the Pacific Northwest can be a little different from the warm sunny experience found on beaches of the East Coast. More often than not, a beach day here in the coastal Northwest includes a healthy dose of fog and mist.  If the vacation gods are smiling on us, then we might get a pinch of sunshine as well.

Nonetheless, beaches are my favorite place to relax. Sometimes, I just bring a beach chair and sit at the shore with a few cooking magazines and a good book. On other trips, I will walk and walk along the beach. Over the years, I have found some amazing beaches on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island, on the shores of the Washington Coast, and in the shadows of historic lighthouses down on the Oregon Coast. We’ve watched boats navigate their way through the mouth of the Columbia River and explored a famous shipwreck right on the beach at Fort Stevens State Park.  We’ve seen whales cavorting off the Oregon Coast and we’ve climbed to the top of some beautiful lighthouses.  Sometimes, if I’m feeling particularly weary or even indulgent, I add a little luxury by indulging in a nice meal at a waterfront restaurant as well.

So, what’s your relaxation destination or pastime when you are camping? Is it a remote trail? A campfire? A beach or a hidden waterfall? An oceanfront campsite? Or an oasis deep in the woods?

Photo by Melissa A. Trainer.

–Melissa A. Trainer


2 Responses to “Relaxation and Camping…”
  1. Alden says:


    For me enjoyment is inversely proportional to hassle. The more stuff I have to do, the less fun I have! So my ideal vacation often involves putting a pack on the back and and disappearing into the woods only to show up somewhere a week later and 150 miles away.

    Great article! You got me thinking how much fun it would be to go sit on the beach with a good book (currently thats Les Miserable, about 1/2 through). Maybe after work tomorrow, I’ll grab a book and a couple drinks and head down to the beach for a bit!

    Thanks for giving me a mini-mental-vacation today!

  2. Alden, Thank you for commenting! How lucky that you can grab a good book and go sit down there on a sunny beach! I hope you indulged in a little reading and sunshine!

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